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Between art galleries and studios, Lubbock has a great art scene. I often wander through the venues on the First Friday Art Trail and find many pieces that I would like to take home. Understandably, most of the pieces are out of my price range.

I came across an artist in an auction I attended. The painting was on canvas with acrylic painting with vibrant colors. A matador stands tall with a red cape and a raging bull. The painting reminded me of my visit to the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza in Seville, Spain. The painting now hangs in my office and reminds me of my travels.


I wanted to add more paintings to my collection so I contacted the artist, Jovie Aranes. I sent him personal photos I had captured from my travels and asked him to put them to canvas. Each painting now hangs in my office and allows me to “escape” and remember my fun vacations! I was really impressed by the artist and the affordability of real art. Check out our interview below:


My prices vary largely based on the canvas size, with a typical painting (16 x 20”) selling for $50 – 75 depending on the detail. However, canvas sizes vary as well and so I am adaptable to my client’s needs and prices are negotiable. Turnaround times vary as well, also depending on my client’s needs, but a single piece can be done in a day or two.


My style would traditionally be described as abstract, but I like to blend many styles in one painting or switch between styles. Most of my paintings are done using acrylic paint, but I also dabble in watercolor and oil paint. I also like a varied palette of colors, from vibrant, bright colors to muted, natural tones.

How long have you been painting?

I have been painting for 2 years, since late 2013. My wife and I moved to the United States from the Philippines in 2013, due to my visa restrictions I had to wait for permission to work and I started to paint to keep myself busy. I posting my paintings on Facebook and got a lot of positive responses, and soon people started to offer to buy my paintings.

What inspires you?

I am most inspired by nature and wildlife, brings me inner peace. My wife teases me that I love to paint mountains, but it is true that I often begin many paintings with a mountain-scape in the background.

Do you show your work around town?

I display my paintings at Omni Pilates located at 4412 74th Street. We have a mutualistic relationship with Omni Pilates, they allow me to sell my work to their clients and I provide them with walls full of beautiful art for clients and employees to enjoy while exercising in the studio. I often donate paintings to charitable fundraisers in Lubbock (I have a soft heart, I never reject a request), which provides me with additional exposure.

Ruidoso, New Mexico
Ruidoso, New Mexico

How can one go about commissioning a painting from you?

Most people contact me through my Facebook page. They can also follow my Facebook page to receive updates of paintings I am working on or that I have available for sale. In addition, I sell my paintings on Etsy.

San Francisco
San Francisco
Napa Valley
Napa Valley
Wimberley, Texas


  1. Shawn Settles

    I have a question for the art community. I have a painting on canvas ( I believe it is in acrylic) , and it us 16 years old now,, my question to you is ” how do I protect it from drying out further?” This painting called “Working Ants” is very special to me as it was a given to me by my former lover. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. ….Sincerely Shawn Settles.

  2. Carolyn Marie

    Fantastic art!

    Wow!! What beautiful work he does! The matador painting has such great color and texture. He is quite talented. Love the way he uses color and creates movement on the canvas. And the bonus is that his prices are so reasonable for his art.

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