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Triple J Chophouse & Brewery 

Triple J Chophouse and Brew Co
1807 Buddy Holly Ave
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This was our very first trip to Triple J Chophouse & Brew Co.! We had tickets to see a Fleetwood Mac/Eagles tribute show at the Cactus Theater (article coming soon) and Triple J’s is right across the street. We went about 5:30pm on a Friday and it was already VERY busy. You can make reservations for over 10, but smaller groups just have to use the call ahead feature. I also think it is busier on Cactus Theater show nights so keep that in mind. After dinner, several groups were walking over to the theater.

A little history for you: The Triple J Chophouse opened in 2006. The historic building was once the Hub City Brewery for 11 years. We also have learned at one time it was a glass company. If you know any other information about the building, let us know!

I did not know what to expect from the atmosphere or the look of the restaurant. The first thing that caught my eye was a long wall full of pictures and trinkets. It was cowboy themed with a lodge-type feel. There were unique light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Some looked like rustic wagon wheels and others were artsy chandelier styled. The interior is red brick with wooden ceilings. The lighting was dim which also added to the atmosphere. The kitchen is not behind closed doors. You can see your food being made and really see the quality of the cooking. There is even a brick oven for the pizza. The demo was pretty diverse as far as age goes. It didn’t necessarily have that college vibe, which is probably good for most. As spring approaches, the patio is going to be a great place for some drinks and music!

After we sat down we were greeted very quickly. The waitress was very helpful and knowledgeable of the menu. Everything is homemade: the salad dressings, the potatoes, the pizza, and everything else on the menu. I was also really impressed with the waitress’ knowledge of all the beers. She was able to make suggestions based on what we liked and gave the science behind the alcohol percentage and IBUs. For our first drink we ended up getting a fruity cocktail called “Raider Red Punch”. It was very tasty and came in a cute mason jar.

The food came out extremely quick! We had just gotten finished eating our salads and bread (they have delicious butter that is sweet and salty), before our food came out. We got a steak and green chile chicken with mashed potatoes. They have a wide range of food on the menu (pizzas, steak, chicken, fish, dessert, pork chops, beef, salad, and more). Again, really good food! Of course, we had to get a custom brewed beer. We ordered the Raider Red Beer and the Winter special. There were several beers to choose from with different alcohol % and stoutness. You can even buy kegs, bottles, and mason jars of the locally brewed beer. The price is pretty average. For bread, salad, chicken, and potatoes it was $13. The cocktail drinks average at about $7 and beer around $4-$5.

In our attempt to give you a better idea of the restaurant, we took pictures of the dining area and the bar area. Excuse the bad pictures of the bar area. I am short and couldn’t shoot over people’s heads #shortpeopleproblems. The bar was extremely busy as you can see from the pictures. There are multiple TVs throughout the area along with a small live music stage. You can also view the brewery part of the restaurant through the panel of windows.

As you can see, our experience was a great one! It is a great place if you are looking for some local flavor or a place to take visitors!

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  1. Edward

    One of my favorite places in Lubbock! I would love to see the rest of Downtown gentrify so we can have more places like Triple J. It’s tough to beat good beer and great music!

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