Trapped! Escape the Room

Our updated article on an old favorite is brought to you by contributing writer, Abby Dye. Abby is an LCU alum and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication.

If you have not visited Trapped! Escape the Room yet, you are 100% missing out- and no one wants FOMO (fear of missing out), do you?

At Trapped, you are put in a room for one hour with some of your closest friends, or strangers, or coworkers, and you have to work together to find the key to pause the timer on the clock and “unlock” the door. It requires teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, and imagination, and it never disappoints! There are rooms ranging from beginner to expert.

The rooms that are currently being featured are the Fortune Teller, the Precinct, Clinical Trial, and the Backyard. The rooms can accommodate groups of 2-7, depending on the room, and there are different difficulty levels of rooms, from moderate to most difficult. Pricing is $20 per person plus tax, and they also welcome team building with offices and working professionals. Click here to reserve online.

One of the newest rooms is the Backyard, an advanced room. No spoilers here, but the room design is one of my favorites, has animals (fake ones), endangered species, word games, listening games, puzzles, and even more surprises that make this room our favorite yet! We beat the room with only 15 minutes to spare, and with a group of 7 it was the perfect Saturday afternoon activity. We would recommend this for a low-key birthday party, or an engaging activity for your work team.

Go to Trapped and try the Backyard, maybe you can beat our time!


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