Trapped! Escape the Room

Can you Escape the Room?

Are you getting bored of the same restaurants, the same movie theaters, the same museums, etc?

Let us introduce you to a new form of very fun entertainment in Lubbock… an escape room! The concept is just that – you are locked in a room and have one hour to escape (ie finding the key to the door). This activity has been popping up all over the globe, specifically in Europe, which is where Ben Posey (owner) came up with the idea to start one here in Lubbock. You may have seen a similar scenario on a recent episode of Big Bang Theory, or if you’re like us, maybe you want to feel like you’re on the hit summer reality TV show Big Brother. We don’t want to give too much away because it truly is a unique and exciting experience, so we will just give some basic facts about what to expect…


Open for 9 months now, Trapped! Escape the Room is located at 3521 50th Street (50th St & Knoxville). The cost is $20.00 per person, and if you’re a student it’s only $18.00. There is a recommended minimum age of 14 with an adult. Without an adult, minimum age of 16.

You must reserve the time slot in which your group wants to go, and reserving is super easy! Click here to look at the schedule and book your adventure.

Lubbock’s version of this worldwide entertainment phenomenon currently has two different rooms:

The Playroom

  • 2-5 people
  • “Harder” of the two rooms. We put it in quotes because each group will have its own strengths and weaknesses
  • Creepy atmosphere
  • Overall success rate of 34%


The Precinct (NEW!)

  • 3-7 people
  • Find out who truly committed the crime




We had a late night reservation for The Playroom. Keep in mind that this room is in no way scary (at least not until October). There aren’t snakes in the room, nobody pops out at you, and you won’t feel any random gusts of air. You are monitored via cameras the entire time by the staff and the walkie talkie allows you to be in constant communication. (Also use this to ask for hints!)

Ben told us that he will be switching out The Playroom by the end of summer with a new theme… Interrogation. He is planning to turn The Playroom even scarier around Halloween- an actual haunted room!

Update 8/24/2015:
The Precinct Room has been our favorite yet! The room looks like an old school police station stocked with suspect boards, a phone, a desk, and several other surprises. There is also a jail cell which was a really neat addition. Sirens will alert you every 15 minutes to let you know your progress. It is hard to write this without giving too much a way, so you just need to check it out for yourself. We escaped with NO time left.

This is a really great way to work on team building (companies like Alamo Drafthouse have already been through here) and relationship building (hello, double dates). Work out that noggin and figure your way out of the room! If you escape with plenty of time to spare or if you stay trapped like us, you still get your picture taken. Your sign will either say “Escape Artist” or “We Suck” – only you can decide your fate!

(Feature pic photo credit: Trapped Escape the Room FB)

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