Top Myths About Lubbock

"There's Nothing to Do in Lubbock..."

These are the top myths we hear about Lubbock all the time. What myths have you heard?

1. There is nothing to do in Lubbock
There is plenty to do in Lubbock. We have four movie theaters and a drive-in theater. Thousands of food choices (both chain and local). We have several art galleries, plus First Friday Art Trail which is just awesome. We have live music everywhere all the time. We have big concerts. We have college bars. We have not-so-rowdy bars and martini bars. Lubbock has four wineries. Did you know 80% of the Texas grapes are grown in West Texas? We have a big university with sports teams that we love. We have gyms and several Crossfit places. Lubbock is also home to a variety of interesting museums!

Perhaps I am bias, but there really is plenty to do. We are not a Dallas or Houston and that is totally fine with us.

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2. Lubbock stinks… literally…
After living here for 20+ years maybe I am accustomed to the smell, but I don’t notice anything out of the ordinary. There is the occasional smell of cow on particular days. That really is it.

3. People ride horses around Lubbock…
Yes. Really. People still think this. A couple of years ago I worked as telerecruiter for Texas Tech. That basically just means I would call students and recruit them to Texas Tech. I called people from all over the United States. I heard many interesting things about Texas in general, but I had one caller in particular who sincerely asked if a horse was required to attend. At first I laughed, but then realized he was serious. Sure, there are horses in and around town, but you won’t see them on your daily commute.

And then there was this….

4. Lubbock is too far from everything…
That depends on your definition of “far”. It is about 5 hours to Dallas. 4 hours to Ruidoso. 5 Hours to El Paso. 9 hours to Houston. 8 hours to Durango. 13 hours to Las Vegas. Plus, you have travel options. Driving, Greyhound bus, and the Lubbock “International” airport. It is easy to fly. You can get there 30ish minutes before and be just fine on most days. Also, did you know that less than 2 hours away there are really cool canyons (Palo Duro Canyon) where you can hike and see the great outdoor play Texas? You can ski in Ruidoso so that takes care of that hobby. You can also go boating/fishing at Buffalo Springs Lake just right outside of Lubbock.

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