Top 10 Businesses Lubbockites Really Want

Many of you have complained commented to us about your favorite store. Why aren’t they coming to Lubbock, when are they opening, why don’t we get any “cool” stores here? We’ve compiled a list of companies that you’ve Facebook messaged, tweeted, and Instagram-commented us that you wish would build in Lubbock. Please add any store or […]

Many of you have complained commented to us about your favorite store. Why aren’t they coming to Lubbock, when are they opening, why don’t we get any “cool” stores here? We’ve compiled a list of companies that you’ve Facebook messaged, tweeted, and Instagram-commented us that you wish would build in Lubbock. Please add any store or business that we left out that you’d like to see!

Also, along with the list be sure to check out the links to each company’s “Contact Us” form so YOU can tell them what you want!
Keep in mind, several companies have a population requirement to build. Lubbock’s current pop is hovering right around 240,000 (2013).

Another note – let’s not forget to support our local businesses. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s shiny and new, but it’s so important to support those family-run and independent businesses.

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H-E-B heb

This supermarket chain is based out of San Antonio with stores all across Texas and even Mexico. Word has been buzzing that they purchased land on 114th and Quaker. They are staying mum as of this publishing, but keep up-to-date right here on Lubbock in the Loop.





Macy’s tortures us with ads on our televisions even though you can’t find this huge department store in a 100 mile radius of town. What gives?



Saltgrass Steak House saltgrass

This restaurant is based in Houston with locations all over Texas…. except Lubbock. One of our LITLites emailed us back in July to tell us they spoke with a manager at a Dallas Saltgrass who said they were picking out a spot in Lubbock and planning to build within the year. Of course, now we all wait with bated breath….



The Cheesecake Factory cheesecakefactory

Not only does this restaurant offer delicious varieties of cheesecake, but their extensive menu has tons of great options. Wouldn’t it do so well in West End next to Cabela’s, Home Goods, etc?





This premier entertainment facility is headquartered in Dallas and has locations throughout the U.S. and England. If you like golf, food, drinks, and fun then this is for you! Read more about it here. While we wait, don’t forget to check out The Range right here in our neck of the woods.



Aquarium dwa

Many of you would like to see something similar to the Dallas World Aquarium. A place that has lots of different exhibits as well as educational ones.


Comedy Club


Where do you go to hear comedy in Lubbock? Something like an Improv theater would be so fun! Caprock Winery used to have monthly comedy nights and we really enjoyed it. Finger foods, wine, and chuckles.


Dog Park


There are pros (dog and human socialization, exercise) and cons (irresponsible dog owners, playing too rough) to a dog park, but the general consensus is that you guys want to see one in Lubbock! Join the Lubbock Dog Park Facebook page. Read our “everything dog” article here.


Outlet Mall


One giant shopping area with factory store after factory store to buy everything you can imagine. Since manufacturers sell their stock directly to you, you save money! (At least, that’s what you tell your spouse!)



Denver Zoo Map

We know you don’t have to have a 500,000 population to support a zoo – think Amarillo or Alamogordo, NM. Smaller populated towns have great zoos!

Sound off below!


  1. Whitney Brown

    2) TOP GOLF
    5) brewery/beer garden/truck yard on SW side of town

  2. Indoor ice rink / iceplex (not owned and operated by the city). I provided the on in College Station as an example. There are ice rinks all over Texas…except for Lubbock.

  3. Edward

    Here’s what I would like to see come to Lubbock:

    1. Trader Joe’s
    2. More local breweries – this is a drinking town, it only makes sense we support our local economy in doing so
    3. A few speakeasies with unique entrances – I’ve been to ones behind a barber shop, in a random alley that is completely unmarked… these kinds of places are a lot of fun and I think would do well in Lubbock
    4. A really good grilled cheese truck
    5. TopGolf
    6. More local restaurants! The quality is so much better than a chain restaurant (think Italian Garden vs. Olive Garden, it’s a no-brainer).

  4. Cinzettis Italia Restaurant would be great!

  5. Amanda

    SEPHORA people SEPHORA!!!!!

  6. Kg stewart

    Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel

  7. Jgstewart


  8. shannon c

    Panera Bread!

  9. Molly

    Ice Skating Rink

  10. Terri

    Razzo’s Cajun
    Bavarian Grill- German food
    Spaghetti Warehouse

  11. Cassandra

    1. More places to take young children. Zoo, aquarium, children’s museum, etc.
    2. Panera Bread
    3. HEB or any other grocery chain to complete with United.

  12. Paige Jost

    1. BELK
    2. Panera Bread
    3. HEB
    4. Uncle Julio’s Mexican

  13. Seth

    HEB! Wal-Mart has great prices, but 4 of them and they’re always overcrowded, not enough cashiers, and rude people. United has great customer service, but their prices are a little high. Every time I’ve gone down south to any HEB, the prices are right, along with most everything else. Please HEB, pleeeeeeease come to Lubbock!

  14. Bruce

    Aldi’s (Grocery Store). Great prices and great products- a lot from Germany.

    Check out their products and prices!

  15. Sheila

    Versona and Pappadeaux’s

  16. Jo

    Trader Joe’s

  17. Daniel G

    They need to build outwards toward Wolfforth and more out towards 114th and beyond. They should build an additional IT technical school here too or build a new Byron Martin Advance center so that part can get out of the LISD building on Ave Q. Everything in this article sounds nice, let’s start building those.

  18. Wade Wilson

    Pappadeaux !!!!!!! and Cheese Cake Factory

  19. Lena

    We’ve had comedy clubs, anyone remember ‘Froggy Bottoms’? They just haven’t lasted.

    We had an Outlet Mall. It went bankrupt.

    Lubbock has more restaurants per capita than any city in Texas. And the good ones stay busy. So, yeah, Lubbock loves to eat out and good ones will do well here.

    All I’m saying is, do the research. They will. Find out what works here. If the place you want has a bad history, what can you do to make bringing it to Lubbock worth their risk? Perhaps let them know the area of town that they would be most attractive. Or find out why similar places failed. Give them reasons to consider our city as viable. We want them, make them want us.

  20. JB

    Whole Foods
    Trader Joe’s
    Salt Grass Steakhouse
    Container Store

  21. debbie

    -An HEB would be wonderful
    -We need more things for kids and to attract outsiders
    -an outlet mall in Plainview. That will help people with jobs and cover both Amarilllo and Lubbock
    -Whole Foods where Cabelas is
    -Macys or another department store that is not as expensive as Dilliards

  22. Tammy P

    I would LOVE to see a Macy’s here. I bought my first dress at Macy’s with my own money when I was 13 years old, in Chicago.

    Lubbock also NEEDS a zoo, a Container Store and definately 1/2 Price Books. I love visiting there when I go to Dallas area. With the hugh home schooling community we have I could see 1/2 Price Books being successful here.

  23. Christina

    Nordstrom – over Macy’s any day
    Panera Bread
    Trader Joe’s
    There needs to be more for younger kids to do – a zoo or aquarium would be wonderful

  24. Please bring:
    Comedy club
    Outlet mall
    Cheesecake Factory
    Buca di beppo
    And in Dallas they have a private room karaoke where you can rent the room order drinks and apitizers. This can be up to 20 in some rooms and no one can hear outside of the room. Great idea for a few friends that are shy!

  25. Edward

    I would also like to see a 3-day music festival (much like Austin City Limits) since Lubbock has such a thriving music scene. There should also be a huge Oktoberfest when Tech has an away game – it could be a lot of fun and attract folks from surrounding towns, another plus for our local economy.

  26. We Do Stand Up Comedy every week in different places around the city. Like page for details.

  27. Shae


  28. Melissa

    The Container Store

  29. Darla Walker

    For sure a Trader Joe’s and they should get it established long before Whole Foods.

  30. Ruben Sanchez


  31. Sheila

    I’m hoping for:
    HEB most of all!
    A zoo
    Spaghetti Warehouse
    Half price bookstore
    More of anything and everything in South Lubbock/Cooper

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