Timeless Cafe & Cocktails

The Timeless Cafe & Cocktails
6015 82nd Street
Tuesday-Saturday  5pm-12am | Sunday 11am – 5pm
Monday Closed

A Cocktail Perfected is a Cocktail Enjoyed

Quality ingredients, fresh fruits, top liquor, and attention to detail is what you will find in the Timeless hand-crafted cocktails. Experienced mixologists will create a tailored cocktail just for you.

LITL Suggestions: Mojito, Tom Collins, Cranberry Margarita, Whiskey Smash Ice Ball, Moscow Mule
Non-Cocktail: Craft Beer, Red & White Wines. We enjoyed the Ruta 22 Malbec.
Pricing: $3.50 – $14
Specials: Tuesday Margaritas $4 | Wednesday Moscow Mules $4.50 | Thursday Classic Martinis $6 | Friday Whiskey Cocktails half price | Saturday Vodka Cocktails half price | Sunday Breakfast Cocktails $4

mojitoUpscale Timeless food

Timeless Cafe & Cocktails boasts a variety of high quality dishes. Your meal is made to order with fresh ingredients. The menu changes with the seasons. Experience lunch, dinner and brunch. At dinner, you are served with fresh, warm bread and a light honey butter.

LITL Suggestions: Pan Seared Salmon with avocado salsa (served on a bed of garlic asparagus and cherry tomatoes), Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu (chicken stuffed with Havarti cheese and crispy prosciutto (served with loaded mashed potatoes and green beans). The Parmesan zucchini/corn medley is a must.
Pricing: $6 – $35


Credit: Timeless Cafe & Cocktails

Time of your life: the LITL Experience

Choose between a table, the bar, or a private three-walled booth. The decor is rustic modern with wood floors and chandelier-like lighting. Customers have described it as “mature,” “calm” and “classy.” The music is light folk-style and there are a few TVs for your entertainment. The dress is anywhere from casual to business. It is a different vibe from most other places in Lubbock. It will cost more, but everything from the drinks to the food is hand-crafted with attention to detail. The service was excellent and it is the perfect place for a date night.



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  1. Tracey Griffith October 27, 2016 at 7:50 am


    One of the best places in Lubbock for drinks AND eats. 10 out of 10!

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