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Three Dog Bakery (TDB) originated in Kansas City in 1989. The owners took care of their Great Dane, Gracie, who was experiencing some health issues. The vets suggested all sorts of fancy foods to help the ailments. Dan and Mark, the owners, decided to make their own batch of treats and sell them on their lunch breaks and on the weekends. Gracie’s sisters, Sarah and Dottie, also loved the new treats! Hence the name Three Dog Bakery.

TDB believes in all natural ingredients with no fillers. The treats are nutritious with vitamins and protein. Dogs need a balanced diet too! Many of the treats include ingredients such as fish, spinach, carob, peanut butter, apples, eggs, honey, vanilla, and more!

Three Dog Bakery Lubbock is located at 5214 98th Street, which is right off of Slide Road. It is just down the way from Live Oak Animal Hospital. Their hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday 1pm-6pm. Dogs are allowed in store on a leash. Please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after them!

Three Dog Bakery is an absolute doggie heaven! Toys and bones line one side of the store and bags of food and treats line the other. There are a variety of bones to choose from: Vanilla flavored, peanut butter flavored, all sizes, rawhides, low-fat, wheat-free, Himalayan dog chews, and many others. Some of the treats you can find are Zukes Naturuals, Primal, Buddy Biscuits, Bison, Duck, and several others.

Dog Bones

Pet moms and dads, there are also some items that will make your life easier (or happier). There is a wide selection of leashes & collars & harnesses, bells for potty training, bowls, patterned poo bags, sports jerseys and bandanas, magnets, books, dog mats, greeting cards, t-shirts, and other knick knacks.
Pet Toys
Pet Treats

Let’s get to the bakery now. These treats are made in store with all natural ingredients. They are cooked slowly to preserve the flavors. Your dog will love Puptarts, S’Mores, Brownies, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Carrot Cake, Cheese Pizzas, cookies, and more! Do keep in mind all of the ingredients are safe for dogs and meet their dietary needs. If you are worried about the ingredients, the recipe and guaranteed analysis are right next to the treat. Have a dog birthday coming up? Make sure to order a cake with your dog’s name on it!

Pet BakeryDog Biscuits

Our experience was great! The store was clean and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable of the products. They had a strong passion to open a store like this in our community and they are excited to meet you!

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  1. Mindy choate

    My 2 corgis and 2 black cats will be getting new collars this christmas!

  2. Nikki Pachiano

    We have 2 dogs 1 cat, and 4 goldfish, all indoors. Right now we are getting the boxer and chug new beds and each a bone. the cat is getting a bag of toys. 🙂

  3. Ashlee Rigsby

    A soccer ball for our girl and a bunch of pig ears for our little man! They love to unwrap their presents 😀

  4. Constance

    Sweaters of course! And forgiveness for stripping a branch of the bottom of the tree.

  5. Nicole Redman

    Lots of treats!

  6. I have a Pug (Maggie) and a Maltese (Daisy) and we’ll be getting them some treats and toys and maybe some pet friendly stockings

  7. Herlinda Huerta

    For Christmas our teacup chihuahua is getting some new collars and a new pet bed as well as some more blankets, which he loves to receive every Christmas. Our pet rabbit will get new snacks and toys and our Lab mix is getting more toys and snacks as well as a new leash & collar:)

  8. Dawn Bevan

    My four dogs get new toys and special treats every year for Christmas!

  9. Julie Ryan

    Our girls (Chloe & Muffin) are getting new beds and bones (lots of bones) lol Oh and new blankets too!!

  10. Tabbi Wischkaemper

    Chew toy and a new friend after the new year.

  11. I am buying new engraved nametags for my cats and my grandpuppies since we moved and information needs to be updated and fashionable.

  12. Linda Heathington

    I plan to get my Zoe a great chew toy and some treats.

  13. Mary

    A new collar and lots of snacks!!!!

  14. Michelle Escobar

    Lots of treats for my bichon poodle puppy Chloe and my sister’s labs, Jake and Trig!

  15. Cassi

    My fur babies are getting new squeaky toys, ropes, and some treats.

  16. Rayanne Thetford

    Love treats for our doggies

  17. Michelle Builtron

    My three fur babbies are getting some new light up balls, bones and other treats. They love their stockings hanging by the fireplace.

  18. julie

    Truman the Ridgeback loves Three Dog Bakery! He will get some new toys and treats for him and his dog friends from Three Dog.

  19. Miller

    Lots and lots of new toys! For our three fur babies

  20. Heather Hopkins

    A big bone

  21. Rozzana

    My two pooches are getting a baby sister for Christmas. We are having our first baby due December 20th. If she’s not here by Christmas then it’s treats and toys!

  22. Holly Carter

    A new antler and some treats. Maybe some Christmas cookies from 3 Dog Bakery. He loves to come visit.

  23. ACIE


  24. Jacky

    We love getting our pups toys and treats every year!

  25. Pamela

    My furbaby, Nala, is getting LOTS and LOTS of snacks and toys!!

  26. Sarah baldner

    For the holidays this year I will be getting my new puppy D’artagnan a puppy bowl tie, some of your puppy carrot cake, and a soggy dog bed to start him out on the right foot.

  27. Linda

    Dory, my Basset Hound, loves the Jumbone, so that will be in her stocking along with some home made treats.

  28. Miranda

    My dogs will be gettin stockings filled with toys and treats this Christmas! They may also be getting some nice sweaters to keep them warm for the cold Lubbock weather! Let’s not forget some of mom’s popcorn while we watch Christmas movies!

  29. Sara

    All three of my dogs are getting new dog bowls and they are each filled with toys!

  30. Amy Eaton

    We have a Gracie, too! She’s a little rescue. Chihuahua and Papillon mix–and who knows what else!?! Gracie is getting a lot of cuddling and a stocking of treats and toys.

  31. hailey rotenberry

    Getting Ranger a new bed and a subscription to bark box!! Maybe some bones and treats he will find in his stocking 🙂

  32. Brad Funk

    I’m getting Diggity, a new bed. She refuses to sleep inside our shop, unless I force her too when it’s frigid outside. So I’m getting her a new bed to sleep on the back porch in her favorite chair. She would just love winning some treats… Merry CHRISTmas to everyone!!!

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