The Wine Nest

Photo Feb 16, 2 27 51 PM

If you like wine, then you will love the Wine Nest. From red, white, rose, and sweet… they have it all. I was surprised with the number of unique wines in stock. The prices were very reasonable and I was able to get a couple of bottles for under $30. What impressed me the most was the little cards below each bottle. The card provided information on the type of wine, its region, and the price. This made it very helpful when shopping. I think what surprised me most was the store was full of delicious goodies. There were unique chocolates, crackers, dips, and sauces. The Wine Nest also has a lot of cutesy house decorations and candles. It is a great place for gifts and they also have some great gift baskets. We were a little too early, but they do have wine tastings in the afternoons that you do not want to miss!

Whether you are looking for a gift to bring a hostess of the next party you’re attending, or you are wanting to pick up a great bottle of wine just because, the Wine Nest has you covered.


You can find the Wine Nest at 5217 98th Street, next to Rain Uptown. They are open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11am til 6pm. Find them on Facebook here.

Also, don’t forget to ask about becoming a “Best Cellars Wine Club” member!


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