Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen
2302 Texas Ave
Hours: Monday through Sunday | 10:30am – 9:00pm

Driving up to Thai Kitchen, you may get the hole-in-the-wall vibe. Who cares, because many hole-in-the-wall type places in Lubbock have excellent food!! (Think Italian Garden’s first location.) When you pull into the parking lot, you’ll notice something unusual: covered parking! As you walk in, you’ll get a full view of the restaurant: lots of tables and even a fireplace on one side. The place is very casual with quick service.



As soon as you’re seated, your waiter brings out rice chips to your table. Unlike other Thai places in town, there is no sauce served with this complimentary appetizer, but you don’t need it. The chips are full of flavor and nice to grub on while you look at the menu.

We aren’t well versed in Thai food, so we may have taken the “easy” way but we ordered the chicken Thai soup and chicken fried rice. We thought there could have been a tad bit more spice in our dishes, but then again we didn’t specifically ask for a certain intensity. The ingredients were fresh and the food was hot (temperature-wise). The chicken was delicious!


We hear from others that some amazing dishes to get here include the Pad Thai, Drunken noodles, and curry. Prices are very reasonable and the portions are plentiful. We have heard from many people that this is the most authentic Thai restaurant in town, and we can see how.

Don’t let the odd location off of your usual route scare you off – try out this hidden Thai gem! We know everyone has their favorite Thai restaurant that they’ll defend forever, but let’s support local business and try them all out. Bonus: They’re open on weekends, unlike one of our favorite Thai places (cough Thai Pepper cough cough).


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