4601 S. Loop 289 (next to Always Tan)
Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday: 9am-8pm
Closed Sunday

Like a winery, Teasters allows you to taste before you buy. The first step is to smell the aroma of the tea blends. Your options include, but are not limited to, a fruit blend, herbal, pineapple/coconut, black, strawberry, and cool mint. If you cannot decide between the options, you can also mix and match. Our “Tea-rista” suggested a fruit blend with cool mint.


The tea is created using a two-step reverse osmosis process. The water is purified twice or as necessary for each type of tea. Each tea variety has its own dedicated brewer to ensure the correct brew times and temperatures. The tea brewery is located in the back of the store. When you come into the store you will notice the colorful purification. Due to health ans safety issues we were not able to view the full room, but we did get a little glimpse!


Tea lovers are likely to be picky about the ice that accompanies their tea. Teasters really differentiates itself with various ice options. Choose between nuggets, cubes, or the gourmet ice. The gourmet ice is similar to the ice you find in cocktails. They are bigger cubes that do not melt as fast as others. The tea can be bought in small, medium, large, or gallon sizes. Bags of ice can also be purchased.


Teasters also offers a wide variety of loose leaf teas. Make sure to grab your tea accessories from the mini shop before you go. There are some really great tumblers, mugs, and brewing systems.



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