"Healthy Tea 4 Healthy Living"

We are tea lovers! Are you? Tea2Go (7320 Milwaukee) is really focused on the health benefits of tea. Their motto is “Healthy Tea 4 Healthy Living” and they strive to use the freshest, natural ingredients. We were unexpectedly surprised by what we saw when we walked in – containers of loose leaf tea categorized by type. The descriptions tell you everything you need to know about that specific type.

The tea variety includes Loose Leaf, Black, Green, Herbal, Weight Loss, Oolong, White, Rooibos, Fruit, and Chai teas. What flavors can you choose from? TONS, but here’s a little taste… cinnamon orange spice, orange blossom, cool mint lemon, acai raspberry, strawberry mango, passion fruit, and many others. And don’t be afraid to use your sniffer to pick that perfect tea – they even have coffee grinds to clear your palette.


During our visit, we were treated to a sampling of teas. We tried the “Tea Bar” first. There were 16 teas to choose from. We tried the coconut and it was very refreshing. Tea2Go does not dump cups of sugar into their tea. It was a natural sweetness. Behind the counter, the crew was crafting up some custom loose leaf teas. We had watermelon tea which sounds kind of strange, but it really tasted good and refreshing. Not in the mood for tea? You can also get cappucinos, lattes, and espresso. There are chairs and tables set up for you to enjoy your tea. Be sure to check out the new lounge area – complete with comfy couches. Plus, there is free wifi!

Want to make your teas at home? Choose from a variety of loose leaf teas to go or for “Tea-ristas” to prepare for you.


What would make Tea2Go even better? More locations in Lubbock! And that’s what we’re getting. Stay tuned…


  1. Ryan Robinson

    I would like to try just plain ol unsweet tea. I usually don’t go for all the fancy flavors and stuff as its hard to be a truly good regular tea.

  2. Ricki Feagan

    OH MY, dying to try the Watermelon flavor tea! I am addicted to all tea and can’t wait for the second location to open in Lubbock!

  3. Beth Tay

    I love the Sweet Mint Tea!

  4. Shonda Mowery

    I would try so good ole sweet tea. I’m not much on flavored tea but love me some sweet tea!

  5. Ash

    I would like to try the Coconut Rush tea.

  6. Ashley

    I would like to try the sweet tea.

  7. Ashley

    I would like to try the coconut rush tea

  8. Josh

    I would try the sweet tea

  9. Wow! They all sound delicious!! I would try an iced chair tea.

  10. Megan

    I have to try Earl Grey and Chai everywhere I go 🙂

  11. Ester Benitez

    I would like to try any one of these flavors: cinnamon orange spice, orange blossom, acai raspberry, strawberry mango, passion fruit, oolong or weight loss.

  12. Leigh Corbin

    I have no idea what flavors there are but I am a huge fan pf Chai or peach tea. This is so fun and I would love to win.Thank you.

  13. Dan

    Green, white or chai please!

  14. Nathan

    Strawberry Mango tea sound fantastic, would love to try it.

  15. Ray Sanchez

    Sweet black cherry WoW

  16. Emily Johnson

    I would like to try the orange blossom and the strawberry mango teas. They sound great!

  17. Ilecia Anderson

    –$10 Gift Card Drawing–
    Would like to try the Japanese Cherry Green Tea

  18. Jane Furlow

    I would love to try your peach tea!

  19. linda

    i like green tea and sweet mint tea

  20. I would like to try your Sweet tea.

  21. Kelsey Reigh

    I definitely want to try the chai tea! So excited about a new tea place in town! Also love that they have lose leaf teas! Thanks LITL for keeping us in the know! 🙂

  22. tiffany shannon

    Excited! I wonder if other states would be as excited for a place that just serves tea? :). Can’t wait to try the weight loss tea…could be the best of both worlds

  23. Misty Sanders

    I want to try the strawberry mango tea yummy and maybe some coffee!!

  24. Lauren

    The coconut tea! Mmmmm 🙂

  25. Emily Stolarz

    I would love to try the passion fruit or cool mint!

  26. I would love to try the Herbal weight loss tea, sweet tea there are so many more they all sound so refreshing!!!!!!!

  27. Rob Party

    I want some sweet tea!

  28. Sufyan Alomari

    Tropical Green Tea

  29. ReNell

    I would just like gallon of regular tea or green tea! Peach green tea maybe….

  30. Susan Thomas

    I would love to try the watermelon tea and strawberry mango. Yum!

  31. Judy

    Peach tea, wonder if there is a cherry flavor?

  32. Jessica Mole

    I would like to try the sweet and un-sweet tea..

  33. Lissa Cobb

    I LOVE TEA – Hot or cold! So many choices – chai, oolong, green, herbal, black, rooibos – my favs are loose leaf

  34. crockett neighbors

    Cool mint lemon!

  35. Carson Bahr

    Watermelon, sweet mint, and chai of course!

  36. kensli

    I love the pomegranate blueberry green tea!! (:

  37. Michelle

    Thank you Lubbock in the Loop for recommending me all these great places TEA 2 GO is amazing every tea hot or cold is so excellent. We needed a place like this in Lubbock!!!

  38. Laura L.

    Love the coconut! Want to try the mint!

  39. Julie

    I wanna try the strawberry mango!!! Ooor the weight loss!

  40. Linda Heathington

    I would like to try orange blossom or strawberry mango.

  41. Cassie Taylor

    I would love to try the coconut and the orange blossom teas!!!

  42. jennifer swinford

    Orange blossom!!

  43. Madison Herman

    Acai Raspberry, this place looks so neat!

  44. Reyanne Jimenez

    Peach mango with three pumps of peach syrup on the large!

  45. AprilP

    Just moved to Lubbock. We are serious tea drinkers. Would love to try them ALL! Really didn’t know what you offered. It all sounds great!

  46. Ricky Martinez

    Nothing beats a good plain sweet tea.

  47. Shelly

    So many things I want to try! Black, oolong, loose leaf teas and of course the mocha and latte!!

  48. Kacie Phillips

    I want to try the loose leaf brewed cold!! MMMMM

  49. Jessica Mickey

    I would love to try the watermelon tea!! Yum!!

  50. Janelle Delgadillo

    Strawberry Mango Green Tea sounds amazing!

  51. Kathy Greear

    I want to try a loose leaf cold brewed with passion fruit.

  52. Spencer

    I can’t wait to try the cinnamon orange spice!

  53. Kevin Woelfel

    would like to try Coconut Rush and Watermelon!!

  54. nm spuhler

    Can’t wait to try their passion fruit!

  55. Lisa Bollens

    Watermelon tea! Coconut tea! Green tea! Sweet tea! I can’t wait to sample!!!

  56. Can’t wait to try every flavor, love tea!!

  57. Julie C

    I love plain, unsweet tea; however, I definitely want to try the coconut and watermelon…maybe cherry and peach also.

  58. David

    Some good sweet tea would be great!

  59. Alexa

    Our website winners are…

    Lissa Cobb
    Tracie Dickson
    Ricky Martinez
    Jessica Mickey
    Shonda Mowery
    Rob Party
    Ryan Robinson
    Misty Sanders
    ReNell Smith
    Ashley Zurel

    Congrats! You each just won a $10 gift card to Tea2Go Lubbock! You must email us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com to claim.

    We enjoyed reading ALL your comments!

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