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You’ve seen it at Texas Tech games, you’ve seen it on the LITL website, you’ve seen it snapping shots at high school stadiums, you’ve seen it… What is taking Lubbock by storm?

Meet Swing Wing Productions:

Kris Barton, owner of Swing Wing Productions, is a licensed pilot and an engineering wizard. You would not believe the amount of work that goes into building one of these drones. And for many of those who wonder, yes, there are a lot of rules and regulations, and yes, Kris is well aware and follows them very carefully. Safety is first. It takes a lot of permissions approvals to do some shots.

Swing Wing Productions is an aerial photography and videography company. The images are captured by remote-controlled multi-rotor helicopters with mounted high-definition cameras. All of our cameras are stabilized with the latest technology to provide stable and jitter free media. We can carry just about any SLR camera on the market, and even the Red Scarlet 4K if need in certain situations. We are also capable of providing an on site option if the customer wants to come out to the shoot. We can then show the customer exactly what our helicopter is seeing to ensure the proper shot is obtained.  Our multi-rotor helicopters are capable of capturing shots up to 400 ft. Capturing images with RC helicopters, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality image at a fraction of the cost of utilizing a full-scale airplane or helicopter for aerial photography.

These photos are great for schools, businesses, golf courses, weddings, city events, TV commercials, skylines, sporting events, and more. Swing Wing is willing to travel for your picture needs as well. Email Kris for a quote: kris@swingwingaerial.com.

Most importantly take a look at these aerial shorts… They are truly beautiful!

Swing Wing Productions
Swing Wing Productions
Swing Wing Productions
Swing Wing Productions


  1. Chad Smith

    All their pics are great but it is hard to top #2, the Tech game. I really hope this business takes off. No pun intended.

  2. Jason

    Number 4 is my favorite!

  3. Caisha

    My favorite photo is, of course, number 2 of The Jones Stadium!!!!

  4. Rebekah Leonard

    I can’t decide between 3 and 4. 4 is beautiful!

  5. Mandy

    #2 is my favorite!

  6. jaime

    My favorite is #2 or #1

  7. Jessica

    Number 2 is my favorite!! I love the Jones AT&T stadium!

  8. Clayton Smith

    Number 2!!

  9. Nancy

    Where is the link to enter in the giveaway?

  10. Nancy

    I meant to click notify me by email for the last question. 🙂

  11. Alexa


    Head on over to our Christmas Central page to find the Christmas Series Giveaway!

    Thank you,

    The LITL Team

  12. brandi

    number 2 is of course my fav! Wreck Em!!!

  13. Heather Bergstrom

    I LOVE #2! It brings back Tech football game memories! Great photos 🙂

  14. Benjamin

    #2 is my favorite

  15. Isaih Mecalco

    I looovee number 2!!

  16. Jennifer

    Definitely #2! I was at that game and wondered what the strange lighted thing flying in the sky was! Such a cool photo!

  17. Jenna

    I would LOVE #2!!! Gorgeous picture!!

  18. Katie

    Absolutely #2! You can’t argue with perfection and Texas Tech football! I can already see the picture in my office at work! Red Raider for life! #WRECKEM

  19. Myndee

    #2 is amazing!!! Would love to win!

  20. Randy Hendrix

    They are all very good. But, the best and most dynamic is #2, of Jones AT&T Stadium on game night.

  21. Ryan Coe

    The second pic of the Jones is my favorite!

  22. Paula

    #2 is so amazing! By far my favorite!!

  23. Jason Cuevas

    I love all of them. I left Lubbock in 2008 and seeing those pics just makes me miss home that much more. My favorite is #2. Wreck Em!!!!!!

  24. Tonya

    My favorite is #2, the Jones Stadium. LOVE IT and would love to win.

  25. Chelsea Holloway

    I’m trying to win print #2 so I can pay it forward to my good buddy Isaac Cabellero!

  26. Tim Reese

    I really like #5, it shows the essence of West Texas. Really beautiful!

  27. Victoria Tambunga

    I LOVE #2! So cool!

  28. Sarah

    Lucky #13 is……Deanna Dorado! Please contact us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com!

    Thanks for playing! Check out Swing Wing Productions – Aerial Video and Photography and buy your prints at http://www.swingwingaerial.com/

  29. Emily Bridgewater

    #2 is my favorite 🙂 Wreck ‘Em Tech! You can’t beat that view.

  30. Alina Duarte


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