Do you like yogurt? Waffles? Smoothies? Ice cream? Cookies? Trail mix? Cereal? Energy bites?

A new local business has created a perfect combination of cinnamon, coconut, honey, sugar, flaxseed, and vanilla to create the perfect granola. It is organic and gluten-free. A huge high five to Sooo Granola for being local, creating a quality product, and for being a female entrepreneur!

Now, back to the original question. Surely, you like one of these items. Pro Tip: Doctor up the above items
(or really anything else) with Sooo Granola oats. Let us know if you come up with something creative. We particularly enjoyed the granola as a cereal with almond milk.

Let’s chat with the owner, Meradyth:

What inspired Sooo Granola?
We have a big passion for people and food that promotes health and well-being. Sooo Granola is an all natural, gluten free, vegan, and nut free granola. It’s a snack that is delicious and Nutritious. We hope to inspire an adventurous and healthy lifestyle. We have big goals, big dreams, and big hearts. Our mission will eventually turn into sending granola overseas to people who need it more than we do.

Where to buy?
Online store, Vitality Bowls, Healthy Essentials, Lubbock Farmer’s Market. Be on the lookout for more places to buy.

It is easy to remember: 15 oz is $15 | 7 oz is $7 | 3 lbs is $33

Open up a brick and mortar store. Develop a program that gives back to local communities and to people around the world.

It is summertime, which means it is a perfect time to be Sooo Granola! Hit the trails! Try something new! Support a local business! Create new recipes! Live healthy! Share with friends!

For a chance to win a 15 oz bag… comment below with an activity or recipe that would go well with Sooo Granola.
Two winners will be randomly selected.


  1. Kay Rogers


  2. Emily Johnson

    I love to give my kids snacks like this to take to camp!

  3. Susan Thomas

    Oh, yummmmm! Can’t wait to try their granola!!!

  4. Cookie

    Love granola,

    Used to make granola at home. Love it on cereal and on ice cream.

  5. Jami

    Camping at Big Bend!!

  6. Ben Padilla

    I think that i would add some granola to a batch of muffins, to give them an extra crunch and rad flavor!

  7. Bryan S McLarty, DDS

    Best of luck on your endeavors!

    Alternative Fried Ice Cream

    Blue Bell Light Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
    Sooo Granola Oats

    Add about 1/2 cup Sooo Granola cereal to a bowl. Scoop out nice round ice cream ball to your desired portion size. With your hands, toss ice cream ball around in Soo Granola while gentle pressing into mix to stick to surface of ice cream. Transfer Granola covered ball to clean bowl, add a gentle dash of cinnamon and a light drizzle of honey to top everything off. You can add Light whipped cream topping and a maraschino cherry if desired.

  8. Sunday Morning Coming Down

    Sunday Morning Coming Down

  9. Tracey Green

    Love granola mixed into my yogurt!

  10. Deb

    Just right crispy topping for salad

    I would top a green salad instead of croutons

  11. Ariana Lisner

    made into granola bars with a pureéd fruit bottom layer or perfect on top of a parfait!!

  12. Mickey Cole


    Oh, my! Sounds so yummy! I would just eat it by the handful! You

  13. Amber Maddox

    What is yummy paired with granola

    I love to put granola on top of yogurt or diced apples with peanut butter.

  14. Marybeth Sandercox

    Sooo Granola would go great with your post workout (because volleyball can I get an amen to sooo granola).
    I had it at Vitality Bowls and that is the stuff.

  15. Abby

    Best granola I've ever had- seriously!

    This granola is the best I’ve ever had! I like to make protein and energy bites. Use granola, peanut or almond butter, honey, and protein powder! They are perfect for breakfast or a snack!

  16. Debra S.

    Breakfast mash up

    I actually love adding granola to my cereal for a little extra lunch and would also take granola with me for any vacation when I need a quick breakfast or snack and on my tennis outings to keep me refreshed!

  17. Renee

    Take it along on a long bike ride!

  18. LITL Admin

    Congrats to Ashley Landrum and Ben Padilla! Please email us at!

    Congrats to Ashley Landrum and Ben Padilla! Please email us at!

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