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3333 82nd Street and 410 Frankford
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With over 18 flavors of iced tea flavors to choose from, the company also offers water that has been purified by reverse-osmosis filtration systems, and ice in cube or nugget form in 10 pound bags. Pure Water also sells coffee by the cup as well as other beverages. You can also find fitness products such as shake mixes, protein bars, diet pills, and even dog friendly water systems. The building features a drive-through for those who need an iced tea to go as well. Need your jugs cleaned? Pure Water Ice and Tea Co. does that too!Photo Mar 24, 1 39 15 PM

Get the biggest size, the 44 oz, and enjoy it all day at work, school, or home. Or, buy whole gallons of your favorite tea. We wanted to find out a little bit more about this new business. Check out the interview below with Lorri with communications and marketing…

1. Why start Pure Water Ice and Tea Co in Lubbock? Any plans to open up more locations in Lubbock?

We saw an opportunity and took it. We’re Texas Panhandle natives and we understand the area. We also felt there was a need for a high quality beverage stop in Lubbock with options for people looking for tea, fountain drinks, coffee, and water; from healthy to just plain tasty. We wanted to offer a very clean and friendly environment from which to make these purchases, whether driving through or coming inside. Our goal was for customers to be able to come inside, look around, and choose from many products, or if need be, drive through our very unique covered drive thru tunnel that offers protection from the outside elements. We created Pure Water with the customer in mind.

Photo Mar 24, 1 30 04 PM

3. How do y’all come up with the tea flavors?

We started with the staples – sweet and unsweet teas, then honestly, went with what our family and friends liked best. We expanded from there, coming up with a special recipe for one of our best-sellers, Raider tea!

4. In summary, what is the process to make your water and teas pure?

Purity is more than just a slogan for us. From the rich quality of our 100% hand-picked Ceylon teas, to the premium system that filters every drop of water we use, purity is the driving force. That’s why we purify every drop of water that we put into bottles, cups, containers, you name it. We do it on-site, with one of the most advanced reverse-osmosis filtration systems available. We make sure every beverage we sell is made with pure water. We also use our advanced ozone rinsing to sanitize your containers and refill it with nothing but fresh, purified water. Pure is our passion.

5. Really random: We LOVE the cups. They are strong and the lids don’t pop off. Are even the cups purchased with quality in mind?

Absolutely. The most important thing about our cups is that they don’t sweat. We love tea just as much as anyone else, and we want quality products for ourselves and our families. Whether it’s our energizing iced tea, crushed ice, or purified water, we take pride knowing it’s the purest and highest quality of water, ice, and tea available.Photo Mar 24, 1 32 20 PM

Pure Water is already becoming a favorite among all age groups, as it has much to offer. I would definitely recommend checking out this unique company!


  1. Sally Martinez

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    This is just down the street from my house! I definitely can’t wait to try it!!

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    I teach at TVMS on Upland between 4th and 19th. We are all so excited to have you at this location!

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    I have never tried anything form Pure Water, would like to have a chance to

  10. Rosalee Hardwick

    I’m a huge fan of tea and I am excited about trying all of your tea flavors. Thank you for locating in the NW part of the city.

  11. Josie Silvas

    Let it be my lucky day….tea yum

  12. Nelta Babcock

    My son worked near the 82nd St store, and introduced me to the teas and coffees. My favorite is the black cherry tea!

  13. Judy Beadles

    My favorite moment this summer was going to our granddaughters wedding in June.

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    Love, Love your Tea and would sure like to win

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    Love their products! !!!

  24. I love mint tea and I can’t seem to grow mint and keep it alive. So I have to buy it.

  25. Going to the pool with my child then heading to Pure Water!

  26. My favorite time this summer was spending time with my family in Wisconsin at a 4th of July parade.

  27. Laura ritchey

    Would love to win!! Love Pure Water Co!!

  28. Deb Watson

    Looks great! We could use one here in Carlsbad NM as well!

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  30. Erin Knowlton

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  32. Anonymous

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  37. Rebecca Casares

    The birth of my sons

  38. Cheryl Wright

    Family time is always the best time. 🙂

  39. Carla

    My favorite moment this summer was adopting a Rescue dog, taking on rides in the car, open the top of my drink, and the dog starts drinking from my cup before I had a chance to taste it. He obviously liked it so I ordered another for me.

  40. Becci Stephens

    Going to Las Vegas for the first time – to my son’s wedding at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel!

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  44. Sheri Jeffries

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  47. Sue Dennis

    Being with All Family at our Family Reunion….

  48. camille campbell

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  49. Hailey Ray

    My favorite moment this summer was putting my feet in the cold water while enjoying the view at Yosemite National Park.

  50. Deborah Reed

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  51. Deborah Reed

    I also enjoy the unsweetened tea.

  52. Sherri chandler

    Favorite moment this summer? Watching my granddaughter walk for the first time! Precious, unforgettable moment.

  53. You are right down the street from me I need to come in and get some tea. 🙂

  54. Patricia Roark

    my favorite summer moment was working out in my garden .
    sipping on a nice cold ice tea. Loved bringing in my harvest.

  55. Spending time with my family

  56. Sally Martinez

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  57. Lauren

    My favorite moment this summer was the weekends!

  58. Sarah

    You are the winner of a 44oz tea! Please email us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com!

  59. Sarah

    You are the winner of a 44oz tea! Please email us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com!

  60. Sarah

    You are the winner of a 44oz tea! Please email us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com!

  61. Sarah

    You are the winner of a 44oz tea! Please email us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com!

  62. Sarah

    You are the winner of a 44oz tea! Please email us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com!

  63. Sarah

    You are the winner of 1 gallon of tea! Please email us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com!

  64. Sarah

    You are the winner of 1 gallon of tea! Please email us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com!

  65. Sarah

    You are the winner of a $20 gift card! Please email us at lubbockintheloop@gmail.com!

  66. Rossy

    intrigued by this place…cant wait to go and check it out !! :))

  67. Carol

    I so love the black coconut tea….I luv it!!

  68. Carol

    I so love the black coconut tea….I luv it!!

  69. Denise Dennis

    I wish DFW had a place like this!! Or more specifically Decatur Tx. People would love your products!!

  70. Carol Roberts

    Favorite drink place

    This is my most favorite place p and th people are awesome. My favorite is th black coconut unsweetened tea. Totally refreshing.

    Would love winning!

  71. Linda

    Have been going to the 82nd & Indiana location since it first opened. I am an iced tea lover deluxe!
    Purewater’s tea is always consistently good quality b/c it’s made from delicious water & high quality teas. I love the variety of both sweet and unsweet choices. My husband and I enjoy coffee in our upstairs bedroom while we get ready for work each a.m. Brewing coffee from water out of the tap was out of the question. We decided to purchase a refillable water jug from Purewater from which to brew our Kurig coffee & have been very pleased with our decision. Each time we need to refill our coffee water we can treat ourselves to some delicious iced tea as well. We appreciate how they clean and sanitize our water jug before each refill. Thanks Purewater for making our lives a little more pleasant!

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