Pure Water Ice and Tea

Locations: 404 Frankford Ave and 3333 82nd Street

With over 18 flavors of iced tea to choose from, the company also offers water that has been purified by reverse-osmosis filtration systems, and ice in cube or nugget form in 10 pound bags. Pure Water also sells coffee by the cup as well as other beverages. You can also find snacks such as shake mixes, protein bars, trail mix, biti pies, beef jerky, and even dog friendly water systems. Both locations feature a drive-thru for those who need an iced tea or anything else to go as well.


I am addicted to tea so this was a dream come true for me! Once you walk in, you will see about 18 flavors of tea. My first thought was how will I ever choose. Luckily, there were tasting cups. I tasted the sweet, unsweet, flavors, energizers, and everything in between. My first choice was the Raider Tea which is a mix of tea and lemonade with a little almond flavoring.

The location on 4th Street is great because it is just right down to the road from TTU, HSC, and LCU. Get the biggest size, the 44 oz, and enjoy it all day at work, school, or home. The cups don’t sweat which is a huge plus. Or, buy whole gallons of your favorite tea. We wanted to find out a little bit more about this new business. Check out the interview below with Lorri with communications and marketing…

1. Why start Pure Water Ice and Tea Co in Lubbock? 

We saw an opportunity and took it. We’re Texas Panhandle natives and we understand the area. We also felt there was a need for a high quality beverage stop in Lubbock with options for people looking for tea, fountain drinks, coffee, and water; from healthy to just plain tasty. We wanted to offer a very clean and friendly environment from which to make these purchases, whether driving through or coming inside. Our goal was for customers to be able to come inside, look around, and choose from many products, or if need be, drive through our very unique covered drive thru tunnel that offers protection from the outside elements. We created Pure Water with the customer in mind.

2. How do y’all come up with the tea flavors?

We started with the staples – sweet and unsweet teas, then honestly, went with what our family and friends liked best. We expanded from there, coming up with a special recipe for one of our best-sellers, Raider tea!


3. In summary, what is the process to make your water and teas pure?

Purity is more than just a slogan for us. From the rich quality of our 100% hand-picked Ceylon teas, to the premium system that filters every drop of water we use, purity is the driving force. That’s why we purify every drop of water that we put into bottles, cups, containers, you name it. We do it on-site, with one of the most advanced reverse-osmosis filtration systems available. We make sure every beverage we sell is made with pure water. We also use our advanced ozone rinsing to sanitize your containers and refill it with nothing but fresh, purified water. Pure is our passion.

4. Really random: We LOVE the cups. They are strong and the lids don’t pop off. Are even the cups purchased with quality in mind?

Absolutely. The most important thing about our cups is that they don’t sweat. We love tea just as much as anyone else, and we want quality products for ourselves and our families. Whether it’s our energizing iced tea, crushed ice, or purified water, we take pride knowing it’s the purest and highest quality of water, ice, and tea available.


Tea lovers, water lovers, and snack lovers make sure you stop by Pure Water today. Let us know your favorite flavors!



  1. Keli November 3, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    I absolutely love this store. Where has it been all my life. My children love the tea as well. We enjoy being able to taste the teas first. And the author of this article is so spot on about the cups. The non sweating cups is a huge factor. This is a must visit for any tea connoisseur.

  2. Sarah November 3, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    Glad we aren’t the only obsessed ones. Best cups in Lubbock and we have had many cups!

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