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If you are looking for a place to live, we want to suggest Portofino Apartments. See. Do. Live. More!

Portofino: one-of-a-kind, upscale, apartment community in Lubbock.

Resembling a single-family neighborhood rather than an apartment complex, Portofino integrates several apartment homes into one estate-size single family residence.  Texas native rough-cut stone and board and batten siding give a warm, comfortable feel to the exteriors. This concept reaches out to individuals who want to live in a beautiful custom home and live in a tranquil environment with access to urban conveniences – all without a mortgage!

One and two-bedroom floor plans such as The Garden, The Bungalow, and The Villa, all underline nature and a respect for the environment as key components of the design.pic1

For more information, call 806.793.3434 or visit their website at www.portofinoapts.com.

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  1. Jane

    I’ve been living at Portofino Apartments since September. My set move-in date was August 1st, but they pushed the date back THREE times. Not a good situation if your lease ended end of July!! The apartments were not done by the promised date, and none of their promises went through. Pool just now opened (just in time for winter weather…), tanning booth isn’t in yet, clubhouse is not 24/7 access even with key, construction going on everywhere. The problems are endless. I honestly have not felt safe staying here, especially after I noticed signs that someone tried to break in to my apartment. There is also no security whatsoever. They promote a gated community, though there is no gate at the entrance. Literally anyone can drive in without having to enter a code or anything like most apartments have. I like my apartment, but it is not a very safe place to live, and they did not seem prepared to take tenants in at all.

    Also, their “reviews” from tenants you see at the bottom of their page are completely fake. They were put up well before anyone was living at Portofino.

  2. CH

    We’ve been living at the Icon at Lubbock for the past 6 months and it has been an absolute nightmare. We found portofino recently and fell in love! We have never experience such kindness and helpfulness from an office staff before and are so excited we made this choice. They have been helpful and wonderful since the beginning and we just wish we would’ve picked this place sooner. We’re very exited 🙂

  3. Resident

    We lived her for a year and it was okay. The grounds are beautiful and always kept nice and the noise was minimal. However they are way too expensive for the size…the apartments are very small. I had issues with my air conditioner in the summer time that ran my LPL bill up over $150 more than normal. When I told the office about my air conditioner they never fixed it…they sent a maitenence guy out who said nothing was wrong. When it was 100 degrees my apartment would only cool to 80 degrees….and the office called to tell me that a “functioning air conditioner is only supposed to cool the inside 20 degrees lower than what it is outside.” Which I know is not correct because none of the other apartments I’ve lived in have had that problem and have cooled just fine. So for 4 months I paid way too much in electricity because of a malfunctioning air conditioner.

    We had one pet that lived with us that shedded. We did not have time to clean the carpet before we left, however the carpet was in no way damaged. All it needed was a cleaning and they are now trying to charge us for a $1000 full carpet replacement which is a complete scam and total laziness. Not to mention they tried to bill us for an extra months rent after we moved out and didn’t even have it on file that we both moved out.

    As beautiful as this property is, I feel that we’ve been cheated out of tons of money due to the air conditioner not working properly in the summer and now being charged for an unnecessary carpet replacement.

    There are many other beautiful places to live that do not have these problems.

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