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Overnight at the Overton 

Type: In town getaway
Price: $150-200
Vibe: Texas modern chic hotel right here in Lubbock.
Quick Tip: Check their website for specials. Upgrade to the “Preferred Level”, it’s worth it!

I had wanted to check out the Overton Hotel in Lubbock since before we even moved back. So when I was brainstorming with my sister how my husband and I could get away without really getting away she suggested we stay a night at the Overton.

It was Thursday and the date I had in mind was Saturday, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a $129/night room plus tax on such short notice. I firmed up the babysitters (thank you family!) and booked it.

We arrived around 5pm. We took the upgrade to the “Preferred Level” and I highly recommend it. The $40 upgrade for us included a manager’s reception and breakfast, and we definitely got our money’s worth.

My husband and I loved the hotel décor and dubbed it “Texas modern” and decided our new house would look the same. We had to insert our key in the elevator to get to our exclusive floor (how swanky!). Our room was beautiful with an awesome view of campus.

After settling in the room, we headed to the manager’s reception which is only available to the “Preferred Level”. We settled into a cozy couch in the Club Room and enjoyed snacks, wine, and beer. The reception ends at 7pm and we kept ‘em coming until then.

We made our way down to the Pecan Grill, the hotel’s restaurant. The menu was decidedly Texan. I was adventurous and tried antelope heart and the hubby stuck with steak and potatoes. We washed it all down with a bottle of Cap*Rock Winery Blush Royale.

Very full we put on our swimsuits and hit the hotel’s heated pool. It was very nice on a warm Lubbock evening with the sun setting. A long dip in the hot tub was the perfect night cap.

What I was most looking forward to was sleeping in. And it was very nice being woken up with the sun shining in and breakfast ready downstairs instead our usual 6am wakeup call (via alarm or kid) when it’s still dark and one of us has to start the coffee.

We went down to the breakfast buffet which was pretty good. Most enjoyable was reading the Sunday paper in peace, having tons of coffee, and not doing any dishes.

Then when it was time to go home instead of a 5 hour drive it was 5 minutes to pick up the kids, feeling relaxed and recharged. If you have been looking for a little recharge but don’t want the hassles of planning a long weekend, I would recommend you check into the Overton Hotel.

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