Nothing Bundt Cakes

“There’s a hole in this cake!”

From one of my favorite movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Maria Portokolos describes the Bundt cake in one of the most hysterical, and logical, ways possible. This classic dessert has been around since my grandmother was car-hopping in the 1950s, and it is still as popular a dessert as ever.

The Bundt cake comes from the word Gugelhupf which is a fruit cake found in many Jewish communities in Eastern Europe. The Bundt cake was created in the late 1940s by Nordic Ware. It was not until the late 60s that the idea of a hole in a cake became popular. So, what made it popular after about 20 years on the shelves? It is pretty simple actually. A cake named the “Tunnel of  Fudge”, baked by Ella Helfirch won 2nd place at the Pillsbury Bake-off resulting in a prize of $5,000! The publicity from this bake off took the Bundt cake from almost discontinued to the top selling pan in the United States. So, now you know a little history, but whatever happened to Bundt cakes?


Queue in Dena Tripp and Debra Shwetz, the founders of Nothing Bundt Cakes. The first store was founded in 1997 in Las Vegas. From teeny bundtinis to tiered cakes, this unique store makes Bundts of all sizes and flavors. Each cake is made fresh daily, with flavors ranging from Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate, Red Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry, Carrot, Lemon, Marble, Cinnamon Swirl, and Pecan Praline. They are even offering a gluten-free Bundt cake (chocolate chip!).

Lucky for all of us, Nothing Bundt Cakes is in Lubbock! It is located right off 98th and Slide, near The Wine Nest and Rain Uptown. There is a striped awning that shouts come visit, we have goodies! This was my first visit and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. There are a lot of knick knacks, gifts, and baking accessories. If you have a baker friend or family member, then you must check out the unique gifts and accessories that are offered… and a Bundt cake of course!pic1

There are plenty of bundt cakes to choose from. I took home a small red velvet cake and it was the perfect size. You could even share it with someone and it would be plenty for both of you. Not only do they look great, but they also taste great. The cake was moist and sweet but not overly sweet. This yummy treat is great for kids and adults.

Just in case you aren’t already on your way to get one of these fabulous cakes, try this on for size. Nothing Bundt Cakes also features cakes that are made for special occasions. Birthday coming up? Congratulations in order? Got it. Just because? Done. Just take a look online if you need any cake ideas or visit the store to take a look at the large book of cakes. You can buy small cakes, 8″, 10″, and you can even do a double tiered caked. Needless to say, the era of the cupcake is over. Queue in Nothing Bundt Cakes.cakes

Find them at:

5217 98th Street Suite 300
M-F: 9am-6pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm


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