McPherson Cellars

“My mission is to use modern technology to make wines of distinction that have an old world feel and character.”
-Kim McPherson, owner/winemaker

Cabernet Sauvignon vs Chardonnay. Malbec vs Moscato. Pinot Noir vs Pinot Grigio. Whether you like dry or sweet, if you drink wine at all, you know how passionate people can be about it.

Lubbock is home to a handful of excellent wineries, all with their own niche. And while you probably know about the popular ones on the outskirts of town, you may not know about McPherson Cellars… a beautiful winery located in the Depot District. The McPherson family has been involved in the wine industry for more than 40 years. Their building is really neat with modern architecture. It was originally a Coca-Cola bottling plant in the 1930’s, and Kim McPherson converted and opened it as McPherson Cellars in the fall of 2008.

Fun Fact: La Diosa is owned by Sylvia, Kim McPherson’s interior designer wife. This Spanish bistro is located right across the way from McPherson Cellars!

The winery offers complimentary tours of the facility, as well as tastings for $5 (that gives you five wines to taste). After visiting their new tasting room, take a bottle outside to relax in the nice fall weather. McPherson also offers private parties and events.

McPherson features a beautiful courtyard/patio area. Check it out! Lights in the trees… cool seating areas… a water feature… who wouldn’t want to sit here with a nice glass of wine and good company?

The staff is all very friendly and knowledgeable. If all of this doesn’t sell you on McPherson… I forgot to mention the WINE! It is delicious. Whether you like red, white or blush, it is all good. These Texas wines have won over 450 medals across state, national and even international wine competitions.


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