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Click on league title to go to that league’s official site. Most sites will have registration information and contact information! Football Lubbock Youth Football league: Pop Warner: Upward:   Soccer Lubbock Soccer Association: Lubbock Indoor Soccer: FC Lubbock: LCAA: Upward: West Texas Premiere League: Plainview YMCA Co-ed Soccer:   Tennis City of Lubbock Youth Tennis […]

Click on league title to go to that league’s official site. Most sites will have registration information and contact information!













Gymnastics and Dance

After this year’s Olympics I must include dance and gymnastics. The Fab 5 inspired a lot of young kids to get involved in gymnastics. Luckily, Lubbock has an abundance of dance studios and gyms.

The Little Gym of Lubbock: 4 months (with parent)- to 12 years old. The classes include gymnastics, karate, dance, and sports skills. Enroll in classes online.

Talent Plus: Pre-school to high school. Classes include dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading. $30 registration fee. Monthly tuition fees vary.

Ballet Lubbock: All ages plus adult classes. Classes include ballet, hip hop, boys dance, contemporary dance, teen ballet, and adult ballet. Students can audition for spots in shows such as the Nutcracker and special recitals.

Dance Lubbock: Ages 2-adults. Classes include tap, ballet, tumbling, jazz, hip hop, and clogging. Classes starting at $50 per month.

Tega Kids: Ages 2-18. There is a team for current TTU students 18+. The classes are dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, and swimming lessons. Fees vary by age and number of class hours. Starts at $30 per month.

Please forgive us for leaving off any other sports or leagues… Please SHARE any information you have with the rest of us. The more involved people get, the more information we will all have. So, the more we get involved in Lubbock youth sports, the better leagues we will have in our community!

What are your thoughts? What leagues are the best?


  1. Jessica Paggett

    I would like more information about T-Ball & Soccer signups. When can we register, how much and where can we go to register?


  2. Sarah

    These will get you in the right direction. Most sign ups are over for spring, but summer registration should be coming up for some of the leagues. Some sites have the information on their site while on others you might have to contact them directly.
    Here are some sites to check out for soccer: (registration this summer)

    Tball: (registrations ends April 26th)

  3. jessie guzman

    Info on when soccer and Softball sign ups are…..
    Like to get my kids in both next season

  4. Sarah

    Hi Jessie,

    Soccer: Lubbock Soccer Association is having a soccer camp in the Summer. Also, there next registration will be in July for the fall season. You might want to follow their FB page. They will announce exact dates in July at a later date.!/Lubbocksoccer?fref=ts
    LCAA: The next soccer registration will be in August
    Upward: Will begin this summer

    Lubbock Youth Softball-Registration will be in August.
    South Plains Girls fastpitch- Has not been announced.
    Lubbock Titants: Has not been announced
    There is also alot of tball options (depending on the ages of course)

    You might also want to check out our summer camps page. There are alot of sports camps.

    We try to update the page as much as possible. It is dependant on if the leagues give any notice.

    Thank you
    LITL Team

  5. Precious Coursey

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. We just moved to Lubbock and I am wanted to put my 5 Year old son in some kind of sport, any sport that he can sign up. Please help me, THANK YOU

  6. Sarah


    There are alot of options in Lubbock. The hard part is hitting the right time of year to sign up. Right now all of the leauges are in spring season. New registrations and seasons will start back up in late summer. I would just keep check this page and the links on this page to get the most up-to-date info.

    Also, there are alot of sports summer camps that would be good for the kids too. Check them out here

    Thank you,

  7. Tyler

    Thanks for all sports information and links. Please keep this page updated with registration dates because it really helps.
    Thanks again

  8. Sarah

    Thank you for the kind words! We do our best to update it. We kind of rely on the leagues to update us which doesn’t always happen, so I try to research every month or so!

  9. Michelle Cordle

    There is also an indoor soccer league. Visit for more information.

  10. Michelle Cordle

    There are also a couple of kid triathlons this summer. They are a great way to introduce kids to the sport. They just need to know how to swim, ride a bike and run.

  11. Sarah

    Thank you so much for the information!

  12. Jennifer martinez

    Hi, I am interested in signing up my two kids, when does softball registration start for my 9 year old daughter? Football for my son he is 9 years old.

  13. Sarah

    Pop Warner Football: Registration is now open. Visit

    July 27th, 2013 from 10am-4pm at Walmart on the South Loop & Quaker

    Lubbock Youth Softball:
    Ages 8U, 10U, 12/14, and high school ball. Fall ball registration will be in August 2013.

    South Plains Girls Fastpitch Softball: Age 6U to 18U. Registration ends July 29th!

  14. Jess

    My son will be 4 next spring and I would like for him to play t-ball. Could someone help me with some info? I would greatly appreciate it.

  15. Sarah

    HI Jess,

    We will update this post every month or so with updated registration dates. Good leagues for tball are LCAA, Frenship Youth Baseball (I think they have a Fall league), Hub City Hitting League.

    Thank you,

  16. Ester

    My grandson just completed T-ball and now wants to play football, do you have any information for that?

    thank you,

  17. Sarah

    Lubbock Youth Football just closed registration but are still taking some folks. I would head over to and contact JR.

    Thank you,
    LITL Team

  18. Shannon

    Can you tell me how I can sign up my boys for tackle football? We just moved to the area and from what I am seeing there are 2 diff divisions? My kids do not want to play flag as they have been playing tackle for a few years now. Can someone direct me. Thank you

  19. Sarah

    Hi Shannon,

    As far as we know the two leagues are lbk youth footabll and pop warnerband both have just ended registration. Check back on the site for updates.

    LITL team

  20. Heather

    We just relocated here and my son (6 yro) and my daughter (8 yro) are anxious to sign up for sports – really anything at this point! Registration for almost everything I’ve seen has closed. Is there any league, etc. that is still open that will be starting in the fall?


  21. i am needing to know when sign ups are for next yrs t-ball season. we just moved here 2 months ago and my son is wanting to play. any info will help i just need to know when and where sign ups will be. thank you.

  22. Sarah

    Hi Amanda,

    Just check the page a couple times of month. We will update the information as it comes in. We rely on the leagues to contact us or keep their social media pages updated.

    Thank you,
    The LITL Team

  23. Denay

    I am wanting more info for sports I can roll my three year old! I would like to start with him trying all sports so he can pick him self the ones he likes best! What can I put him in with it being September?

  24. Sarah


    There are only some that are currently registering.
    Lubbock Indoor Soccer closed Sept 23rd
    Caprock MOB basketball ends Oct 5th
    Premiere Basketkabll

    We will keep this page updated, so keep checking back.

    Thank you,

    The LITL Team

  25. Shawn

    Thanks for showing current registrations in Green.

  26. Sarah

    You are welcome 🙂

  27. Caroline

    We recently moved to the area and would like information on sports for my 3yr old son. Would like to keep him active and inneract with other toddlers. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

  28. Sarah

    Hi Caroline,

    It looks like alot of the registrations have ended. You may try TOT (Teams of Tomorrow)- Click to register

    Keep checking the page. We update it a couple times a month.

    Thank you,


  29. FYB Baseball will have their first sign up for the 2014 Spring Baseball on January 11th, 2014 at Cardinals. Please check our web site for other signup info. Come see us on Facebook also! We offer the following age divisions for draft teams and open teams. The date to determine what age division is May 1st. Example: If the child turns 5 before May 1st, 2014 then the child will play in 5U/6U division.

    We offer:
    4 year olds – T-ball
    5-6 year olds – Soft toss coach pitch
    7-8 year olds – Stand up coach and machine
    9-10 year olds – kid pitch Open and closed bases (46/50)
    11-12 year olds – kid pitch (50/70)
    13-14 year olds – kid pitch (60/90)

    We are looking forward to another fun season.

    Tim Seeley, President

  30. Clarissa

    Does anybody know which sport is having registration right now?

  31. veronica

    Help! Where do I sign my boys up at for basketball, they wanna play real bad and I do not know where to sign them up at. Ages 8 & 10

  32. Fred

    Hello everybody! I’m with a local t-shirt printing company called House of Ink and if your looking for good quality screen printing at a great price and fast turnaround time feel free to leave me a message. Thank you!

  33. Sarah

    Hi Fred, please contact us at

  34. Gracie Arias

    Hi I was wanting know if it would be to late to sign my son up for the little leagues this well be his first year playing. If you are taking late registrations please let me know

  35. I had a question for the frenship tball do I sign my son up as draft or open league. I just want him to play I don’t want to be a coach.

  36. Sarah

    Hi Christy,

    You should contact that league for specific information.

    Thank you,
    The LITL Team

  37. Esperanza

    I was wondering about coaching.

  38. veronics

    Is therr anything that I would like for my daugther to play sport she dobt like soccer

  39. Sarah


    Please review the sports list. There are several options. Tball, softball, basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis, gymnastics, etc…

    Thank you,

  40. veronics

    Ibwas wondering if there too late to sign up tball for my 4 yrs old daugther she been want to play idk where ti sign her up

  41. sandra

    I was wondering of its to late to sign my son up for tball can someone help please

  42. Sarah

    Hi Sandra,

    Please review the list. There will be a link attached to each league, so you can find out more info.

    Thank you,
    The LITL Team

  43. joann martinez

    I was wondering what Association this is with? I copied and pasted it from the info above. Can you please email me info if you have so I know who to sign my child up with..thanks Joann.. Youth Basketball (leagues divided by grade: 4yrs-Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade, 3rd & 4th grade, 5th & 6th grade)
    Registration: March 31st – April 25th
    Fee: $95
    Season: June 7th – August 30th

  44. Sarah


    It is with LCAA. Here is the link to their website:

    Thank you,
    The LITL Team

  45. Sarah r

    I wanted to know is it to late to sing my bby up for dance and were do I go to sing up

  46. Emi

    I just signed up my son for tball (hes 5) after watching a few practices i think he needs even more help. Are there any camps or something that can give him more help?

  47. Ariel Guerra

    Can my 3 year old enroll in t ball

  48. My child wants to play basketball & soccer in the fall but don’t want his games to interfere with each other. Will they?

  49. Alexa

    Hi Cheryl,

    You’ll have to check with whichever organizations you are looking at registering your child with. I am sure he can play both!

    The LITL Team

  50. Tyler

    Please stop asking questions to these people here. They just pass along the information they have. If you want more information about a league contact the league and ask all your questions. If your child wants to enroll in a sport call the league or check the league website if you have questions.

  51. Monica

    I’m interested in finding a summer sport for my 14 year old son. He’s interested in basketball and soccer and mma. Please help.

  52. Tyler

    Monica please read above. Read the information posted and call the leagues.
    “Please stop asking questions to these people here. They just pass along the information they have. If you want more information about a league contact the league and ask all your questions. If your child wants to enroll in a sport call the league or check the league website if you have questions.”

  53. Jose

    My 10 y/o wants to play soccer but has never played the sport. Is it too late for him to join the sport? What equipment would we need to buy? How can we prepare him?

  54. Monica Castillo

    Hi my 6yr old son is really interested in playing soccer are there any leagues for his age in the sport in lubbock ….Thanku in advance!

  55. Tyler

    Jose and Monica read the information posted and call the leagues.
    “Please stop asking questions to these people here. They just pass along the information they have. If you want more information about a league contact the league and ask all your questions. If your child wants to enroll in a sport call the league or check the league website if you have questions.”

  56. Clarissa

    What sports are coming up for 7&5 yr. olds?

  57. Julie

    We moved here back in April of this year and my son has yet to make friends. I want him to join sport activities but I need help on the right one. So please any recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks

  58. Shannon

    Lubbock Youth Football league:
    the above link leads you to the wrong place.
    When will it be fixed? I need to know when I need to sign my son up for football.

  59. Sarah

    That is a problem with their website. Not sure when they will fix it.

    The LITL Team



  61. Becky

    Is there any teams for 3years old?

  62. Rose Ahern

    Are there any soccer for 3 year old females?

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