Lubbock Historical Haunts

Texas Tech University
If you’ve ever walked the halls of the Chemistry building, you’ve heard the legends of all the ghosts that frequent the classrooms (and even the basement). Take part in the Carol of Lights festivities and you may feel the eerie presence of a Biology student who ended his own life by jumping off of the roof before semester’s end. Chances are, if you ask any professor about good ghost stories they know, you’re going to get an earful. And maybe even more than you bargained for.
The ghost sightings don’t stop at academic buildings – keep your eyes peeled inside the dorms, too! You may also hear talk of a child who roams the stacks of the Texas Tech library.

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Pioneer Hotel
The Pioneer Hotel was built in 1925, and it was Lubbock’s first premiere hotel. Eventually it morphed into a retirement home and before McDougal Companies purchased the building back around 2007, some disturbing events took place in the hotel. Let’s just say if you’re interested in the revamped Pioneer Condos, I would avoid purchasing on the 4th floor… Check out the story here.

National Ranching Heritage Center
It’s so fun going through the acreage at the NRHC and looking at the variety of houses. Peeking through the doors and windows, you can practically see the lives of the ranchers and their families play out right in front of you… sitting on their front porch in a rocking chair, cooking dinner, reading to the children before bedtime… Well, you know the really pretty Victorian-style house? It’s called the Barton House and apparently you can see a woman in one of the windows on the second story. Legend has it that she’s the wife of the rancher who built the house. Police find nothing when responding to calls of her sighting. There have also been other claims surrounding the Barton House.

Hell’s Gates/Lubbock Cemetery
Located in East Lubbock near MLK and behind the Lubbock Cemetery is an old trestle from the Santa Fe railroad. The story goes that in the early 1900s train robbers would kill the passengers and toss their bodies over the trestle. In the 1970s, Hell’s Gates was said to have been host to satanic rituals and worship. Also, rumor has it that there have been homicides and suicides at the trestle. If that doesn’t scare you then you should probably take note that the Lubbock Cemetery is just feet away from the trestle. The cemetery was established in 1892 and is home to over 60,000 deceased residents. People have spotted a glowing man and even orbs at the cemetery and surrounding areas. If you’ve ever been to the trestle, you do get an uncomfortable and uneasy feeling. Supernatural though? Read for yourself.

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Take these haunted stories as truth or as lighthearted tall tales. Interpret as you wish…


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