Wanted: The Perfect Lubbock Neighborhood

When we purchased our home, one of our number one items on our wish list is a good family neighborhood. I wanted to share some musings on various Lubbock neighborhoods. Some caveats: these are from my budgetary perspective and we’d like a house with 2000+ square feet.

Oldies but Goodies

You’re Dreaming – Rush

I love an older home, with mature landscaping and a house with character. To me Rush really ticks off all the boxes. The homes are so diverse with large lots and those trees! Unless we get a major fixer-upper on the outskirts of the area this is a dream neighborhood for me.

It’s a Stretch – Tech Terrace

I’ve always loved Tech Terrace. You just can’t beat the energy of the area. As I like to say, it’s “in the mix” of Lubbock. We could stretch to make it work budget-wise, but to my husband the houses are too old, the area can be too eclectic (read: shady), and garages aren’t always a given.

Reality Check – Melonie Park

One area of town that is starting to get a more vintage charm is Melonie Park. The area is very affordable and gives room in the budget to do some updating. Trees are aplenty and the central location in town is great.


You’re Dreaming – Papalote Estates

When I was little and played with Hotwheels and Barbies, their neighborhood was always Papalote Estates. Growing up in Lubbock for some reason to me this neighborhood was “it” and it still has that grasp on me today. The newer Papalote South would also be on my dream list.

It’s a Stretch – Kingsgate

Previously a dream neighborhood, some houses in Kingsgate are now within the top end of our budget. Growing up this was the “uppity” Southwest Lubbock, but today is actually a more established and central neighborhood. The park, elementary school, and proximity to shopping and dining are great.

Reality Check – Shadow Hills

My parents live in this neighborhood. It’s quiet, off the golf course, and affordable. My kids could go to the same elementary school as me. We came back to Lubbock to be close to family and have a slower life. But is living in the neighborhood you grew up in a little weird?


You’re Dreaming – Vintage Township

Vintage gives you everything you love in the Oldies but Goodies category minus the hassles of an older house. The lots are small, but that is the charm. I love the idea of Vintage, but maybe not the reality of the houses. Living in an apartment now I think we could do a smaller house, but the price per square foot just realistically really makes this area out of reach for us.

It’s a Stretch – Bacon Crest

This neighborhood has my husband’s vote. Beautiful new homes, good schools, and a great location, this area of town is “hot” right now. Getting in would be a stretch for us and to me I think price-wise it’s overinflated. But it might be our best option for building and staying north of 98th Street.

Reality Check – Cooper Ridge

I’ll admit I have an aversion to living south of 98th Street. Growing up, 82nd Street was really “south” Lubbock and 1585 seemed waaaaay out there. If my husband and I want an affordable, brand new house in a nice family neighborhood Cooper Ridge really ticks all the boxes. But Indiana and 114th? For a Northwest-side girl it seems like a foreign area to me.

These are just my musings. Tell us about your favorite Lubbock neighborhoods! Where do you live, why did you pick your neighborhood?

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