The Top 3 Things I Missed About the LBK While Livin’ in the Big City

This post was written a LITL contributor, Sarai, in June 2012. She’s an experienced writer/blogger who moved back to Lubbock several years ago after a stint in DFW.

After four years in Fort Worth, TX, my family and I are finally moving back to the Hub City.   We couldn’t be more excited-which surprises a lot of people when we tell them! It’s almost like they don’t believe us.  But, it is true.  Big City Livin’ isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and here are the Top 3 Things I’ve missed about Lubbock while I’ve been gone.famil


People get down on Lubbock for its lack of greenery and flat horizon, but I’ve always loved watching sunsets – entire sunsets where you can see the whole sky light up big and pink and orange, where the view is of more than just the next big building.  If I can enjoy that while drinking a glass of wine and listening to the Thrift Store Cowboys in the Summer Showcase Concert Series, even better.

I also miss breathing easy, especially when trying to exercise outside.  Of course, there’s the occasional haboob, the errant tornado, but at the end of the day, it’s wonderful to live in a place where you don’t have air pollution warnings as part of your daily weather report. Thanks to Lubbock’s cleaner air and cooler summer mornings and evenings, I’m looking forward to jogging in Tech Terrace Park and biking at Mae Simmons all summer long.


You’d think big city living would mean better choices when it came to grocery shopping, and you’d be wrong.  Sure there’s Central Market and, more recently, Trader Joe’s, but let me tell you about those places.  You can’t buy a can of beans without it being organic, and Central Market makes you weigh your own (expensive) produce!  I’m all for organic, but if I’m paying $2 for a tomato, I want the cashier to weigh it for me, thankyouverymuch.   At United Market Street, there is a nice mix of organic and specialty items (like the olive bar, mmmmm) but you can also get Food Club products for a reasonable price.

But the real reason I’m excited about it is the customer service.  I didn’t realize how wonderful it is for someone to carry my groceries out to my car until I had two small children.  In the city, it’s every mom for herself.  I’m definitely looking forward to hearing someone say, “Let me help you with that, ma’am.”  I won’t even care that they called me ma’am.   If you help me with my groceries, you can call me whatever you like.


Ok, this was an easy one.  With over 300 free musical concerts a year, exciting college sports, and the edgy vibe that comes with living in a college town mixed in with family-friendly perks like the Ranching Heritage Center- it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited about gettin’ our guns up.

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