How to Make Your Kids (and You) Smarter

You can do something this weekend to better prepare your child for success in school that doesn’t cost a dime. Studies continue to show that simply reading to and with your child can reap huge benefits. There is no better place to read and encourage reading than your local library, and even better it’s free!

I have no doubt that the times I spent with my mom and dad at the library and reading books alone and together was a primary reason school was always very approachable for me.

So when I had kids of my own, naturally I started taking them to the library. So one of my first orders of business upon returning to Lubbock was obtaining a library card…

We visited the Godeke branch off Slide Road. Getting a card was easy, quick, and free. I will say I was little let down in the children’s section. In Plano the libraries seem to have more materials like board books, interactive toys like puppets, and a more welcoming area. Nonetheless, we happily checked out our first round of books.

I look forward to visiting Lubbock’s other branches, including Mahon the main library downtown. I’ll also be reaching out to the Friends of the Lubbock Library to see how our family can help ensure Lubbock has great children’s libraries that help promote literacy.

You can find out more information on Lubbock libraries and Friends of the Library here. Libraries are something you and your family should check out this weekend!

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