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Frozen daiquiris to go

Most of us in the Lubbock area have not heard of Eskimo Hut, but the stores are popular throughout Texas. The chain first opened in Amarillo in 1996 and has spread to Houston, Fort Worth, El Paso, San Marcos, Denton, and several other cities across the state. The Huts offer a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. Patrons can buy a variety of beer and wine along with soft drinks and snack items. However, this is not your average beer barn. The signature Eskimo Hut products are the “to-go” frozen daiquiris and margaritas. It is a really neat concept. They will put your Styrofoam cup in a sealed plastic bag so you can take it to your destination.

There are MANY flavors to choose from and a variety of sizes. Plus, you can get it on the rocks or frozen. Some of the margarita flavors include Berry Bomb (strawberry/raspberry), Florida Sunset (hurricane/orange), Orangesicle (orange/pina colada/cream), Skittles (strawberry/cherry/grape), and Code Red (cherry, mai tai, strawberry). There are also special blend daiquiris that include Tigers Blood (cherry/grape/pina), Texas Tornado (blue Hawaiian/pina/strawberry), and The Kliff (kiwi/pina/pineapple). Our group tried The Kliff, Red Raider Rum Punch, and the Papa Smurf. All were as good as they sounded.

The sizes range from small to a gallon size. Prices are between $4.39 – $27.50. You can also buy the non-alcoholic version of these drinks in all sizes for less money. To add a shot, it is $1.25 each. There are also specials all week (Triple Shot Tuesday, Double Shot Wed, Double Trouble Thursday). And, for our partiers, grab some Jell-O shots and gummies.

There has been some controversy and interesting discussion on the “open container” rule. Does sealing a Styrofoam cup in a plastic bag within the law? As you can imagine this was a hard sell for the City of Lubbock. Lucky for us, it is not considered an open container. Eskimo Hut usually has drive-thru windows, but Lubbock city ordinances and other red tape have prevented that in Lubbock at this time.  It is the responsibility of the buyer the minute they step out the door. Just like if you buy a case of beer. It is easy enough to grab a can and go. Eskimo Hut also offers a few tables inside if you want to partake instantly.

Opinions aside, Eskimo Hut is a really unique addition to Lubbock. These frozen drinks are great to take to the pool, BBQs, or wherever else you want. As usual, moderation is key and drink responsibly.

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