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As Alamo offers a completely unique take on a movie going experience–I want to provide a comprehensive article to talk all things “Drafthouse”.

Alamo Drafthouse provides great food, top service, stand out drinks, and a movie going experience unlike any other theater.  Period.

Let’s start with the facts:

1. SEATING:  All stadium seating  – All reserved seating!  That’s right.  You can buy tickets online or at the box office and RESERVE YOUR SEATS!  No more wondering if you are going to have room for you and your family or friends–Buy your seats and reserve your spot.  Note that you share tables here for food.  Underneath that table is a small shelf that holds a menu as well.  More on food service later…

2. THEATERS: State of the art Sony 4K Digital in the theaters along with RealD 3D options and a 35MM setup.

Yes–that means down the road you might have the chance to see a classic film like, say, Gone with the Wind or Casablanca in an original 35 MM print.
In addition, there is a *strict* no talking and no texting policy.  With servers coming in and out of the theater, it is easy to spot any violators… and that, my friends… is a good thing.  If needed, you can alert your server to someone that is disruptive by writing a quick note and posting it on the table (shown below).  In short, Alamo Drafthouse cares about preserving the theater going experience.

3. FOOD SERVICE:  All theaters offer full dine-in service brought right to your seat in the theater.  The custom designed kitchen includes state of the art equipment for the made-in-house food items (Pizza, Salads, Cookies, etc.). The menu is updated and customized on a seasonal basis.  In addition, there is a special kids menu as well as specialty program themed menus.  All food is made to order in the kitchen, and much of it is sourced locally.  How do you order–well you simply choose from the menu and write your order on one of the order cards and slide it into the carrier there at the front of your table.  The wait staff (like theater ninjas) will come and grab your order and take it to the back to be filled.  A couple things to note from my visit: To start–BRUNCH ALL DAY!  Hello!  Yes you can have anything from French Toast to Egg Frittata–along with all the other great things on the menu–custom pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, salads, tons of appetizers, etc.  I had a Fried Egg BLT that was *triple* stacked with bacon.  Mmmmm. I also sampled the Chips and Queso which was a nice blend between white and yellow cheeses and just enough heat.  Tasty. Want some fresh baked Cookies for dessert?  Giddy-up. Just want a soda and popcorn?  Cool–it will be served in actual glasses and a metal bowl–no paper cups and bags here.  And one more thing–refills are free.  Period.

4. THE BAR:  Named the Glass Half Full, there is a stand alone bar as well as drink service in the theater.  Special beer system can tap 32 beers at a time (26 available for in theater, 4 seasonal/rotating, and another 6 exclusive to Glass Half Full). There is also a unique cask tap system to serve beer at exact temperature the brewer designates.  There is an extensive list for beer lovers–including the local beers that Alamo Drafthouse will offer.  They do take that “Draft” part of their name seriously… Consider this an entire bar/restaurant all to its own.  Glass Half Full offers seating for 60 inside and 60 on their patio.

5. SPECIALTY PROGRAMMING:  Here is where Alamo Drafthouse really sets itself off as a unique and interactive experience for a film lover.  Not only are they running first-run films, but throughout the month, Alamo Drafthouse will offer specialty programming like:  – Big Screen Classics, golden age Hollywood Classics  – Only at the Alamo, special events you won’t find anywhere else – Action Pack: Quote-Along Movie Parties, interactive screenings with props & quotes – Cult Classics, special films beloved by all – Sing-Along Dance Parties, subtitled movie musicals & music video dance parties  – Cult Classics, special films beloved by all.  You can see more at their Special Events Page.  Did I mention that their Summer Kids Camp Series is F-R-E-E?

6. ALAMO VICTORY:  Alamo also has an awesome rewards program for locals too.  “Victory members will be the first to hear news about our opening date and pre-opening activities,” says Triple Tap Ventures LLC CEO Neil Billingsley-Michaelsen, owner and operator of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lubbock.  “Be sure to join Victory as it will ensure you will be one of the first guests invited into our new theater.”  Alamo Victory members will receive special offers and rewards such as free movie tickets, invitations to sneak previews, exclusive screenings and unique events, T-shirts, and DVDs. Every Alamo Victory member will receive at least two special offers each year in addition to a free movie ticket on their birthday.  Membership in the Alamo Victory program is free. To join the program in the Lubbock market, please visit

 Lubbock–the landscape of movies, food, and entertainment has just changed.  And Alamo Drafthouse is bringing state of the art film experiences matched with great food and drink, and some really special programming to keep things fun.

You are going to be seeing me there… A lot.

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