Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts

Want to go to a cool (both in the temperature sense as well as the awesome environment sense) place where you can ponder a variety of art from brillant minds and hands spreading across the state, nation and world? Or maybe you’re more into the social aspect… Hanging out with friends, meeting new people, walking and chatting while simply browsing the art.

The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA) is the resounding, bright, happy answer to both of these situations. And yes, if you fit into either art enthusiast or social browser… LHUCA is welcoming to all. The non-profit organization has been in Lubbock since 1997, connecting and supporting aspiring and practicing artists. The campus has grown into a four block, nine building masterpiece. The Charles Adams Studio Project (CASP) works together with LHUCA to impact the cultural scene of our community. 

Photo credit: lhuca.org

Photo credit: lhuca.org

Interested in becoming a vital part of this organization by carrying out its mission to be a catalyst for the arts? There are membership levels for everyone’s lifestyle and budget. Click here to find the one that matches you and become a member online.

Photo credit: LHUCA Facebook

Photo credit: LHUCA Facebook

For more information on FFAT in general, as well as a listing of all the venues on the trail, check out the newly revamped site here.

From educational programming to breathtaking exhibits to a state-of-the-art clay studio to classes to events to theatre to FFAT… the LHUCA campus is constantly alive and buzzing. Open Tuesday through Saturday 11am-5pm, come visit for the first time or hundredth time. Regardless of your astrological sign, art appreciation level, or Starbucks order, the people are always friendly and welcoming. You may find your new favorite artist or meet your new best friend. In any case, you’ll be glad you made a visit. And you’ll keep coming back!

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