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Maybe you’re a novice runner (think Couch to 5K – like me!) or maybe you already have a few marathons under your belt… everyone can benefit from learning about great areas in Lubbock to get their run on. Because really, who wants to run on a boring treadmill when you can get outside for a change of scenery and fresh air?

As you know, Lubbock has tons of neighborhoods which, coincidentally, means there’s tons of parks. I know I know, not all parks have running paths. That’s why I’m here today! Without further ado, a couple of my favorite places to run…

Higginbotham Park (19th and Vicksburg)

Why I like it: It’s big, it’s pretty, there’s plenty of spots to park your car and keep an eye on it (if you don’t want to carry your keys with you), and it has a nice 0.7 mile running path.

Shadow Hills Golf Course (4th and Frankford)

Why I like it: It’s a golf course, so there are tons of different paths to take and a BIG plus is that there are water coolers along the way. But beware – golfers are out playing late (especially in summer). Which means getting hit by a golf ball is quite possible. Ouch.

For a complete list of Lubbock Parks and what they have to offer, check out Play Lubbock. I am excited to try out the various parks they have listed!

For all you folks interested in joining a running group, we have the West Texas Running Club right here in town. Check out races, training/running groups, and memberships at their site. What are you training for? Where’s your favorite place to get your run on?


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