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*As of summer 2017, D1 Sports Training is now TXL Sports Training. TXL is its own privately owned training facility, rather than part of the D1 corporate franchise. This listing was published in 2016.

D1 Sports Training officially opened on November 16th, 2015. It is located at 6206 Norwich Avenue, which is right behind Hillside Church on Milwaukee. The facility is home to Lubbock Sports Rehab, an indoor 40 yard field turf, and a weight room. Like many of you, I have driven by the new building for the last several months and have been impressed by its size and looks. I did not know exactly what services it offered so I was excited to get a tour and speak with Callie Watkins, the director of new markets. I also explored their website a little bit and had no idea that pro athletes such as Jason Witten, Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, Carmelo Anthony, Robert Griffin III, and many others have trained with D1.

The building itself is intimidating. Is this for professionals? Kliff Kingsbury? Kids? Can an out of shape person such as myself come out alive? The answers are yes, maybe, yes and yes. The mission of D1 is to be an athletic based organization with a focus on speed, strength, and agility. The classes are meant to replicate college and pro-environments. There is a mix of sport development classes and adult classes. Where do you or your kid fit best?


D1 Rookie (ages 7-11): Creates a foundation in coordination and athleticism in a positive environment
D1 Developmental (ages 12-14): Progresses athletic movement while introducing speed mechanics and weightlifting
D1 Prep (ages 15-18): Develops strength and power using Olympic lifts and advance speed dynamics
D1 Collegiate (college age athletes): Provides a training “home away from campus” during summer/winter breaks, ensuring a continuation of the collegiate athlete’s training

D1 Adult Bootcamp: Total body training programs for men and women of all ages. Hour long training sessions consisting of cardio, core, strength, and balance training.
D1 Adult Strength Program: Total body strength training for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Hour long sessions consisting of pylometric, fast twitch, functional, core and flexibility training

Each program is led by an experienced coach who will challenge you, hold you accountable, and ensure proper form to avoid injuries. Coaches will also tailor your individual workouts to your designated sports. Personal training is offered. I was impressed by the passion of those who work and live D1.

“This place is going to be an amazing new addition to the Lubbock community”, said Dr. Field Scovell, one of D1 Lubbock’s medical partners. “D1 Lubbock will be a  versatile facility that can be used by moms and dads or the next local high school star to work out, get in shape, and improve their overall health.  Right next door is Lubbock Sports Rehab.  It as fine a physical therapy and rehab center you’ll find in Lubbock, TX.  We feel the marriage of performance training and rehab is ideal and consistent with the excellence Lubbock sports medicine strives to provide for our patients”,  Dr. Scovell continued.

Once you decide your package all of the classes are unlimited. Everything is class based (not like a typical gym). Prices will vary on program. However, the grand opening special is something you cannot miss. If you are even the slightest bit interested head over to D1 and get the pre-open sale. $150 per month for a membership with unlimited classes. All of the pre-opening packs are unlimited. You will be able to go month to month indefinitely. After the opening class packs can be purchased but are not unlimited

My final thoughts: If you or your kid is serious about their sport or even if they are just needing to stay healthy D1 will be a great place to develop skills that will last a lifetime. For the average joe, such as myself, D1 is a great place to challenge your body and mind. The adult classes are for any fitness level, but be prepared to work hard.

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