La Diosa Cellars

In college, I took a trip to Spain through a study abroad program and had an amazing experience! I miss the food, music, culture, and overall artistic nature of the Spanish people. If you are looking to experience Spanish cuisine and vino (wine) in a comfortable and lively atmosphere, La Diosa is the place to go!

La Diosa is tucked away in the Depot District and is hardly noticeable if you are just passing by it on the street. However, the inside is a whole different story. The walls are filled with Spanish paintings and wall hangings are strewn throughout the ceiling and walls. In a little corner near a garage door sits a stage where musicians perform a variety of music.

The wine list is fantástico! Try a local bottle for your first wine and perhaps a red Italian wine for the second bottle. Tapas, pizza, sandwiches, salads, soups, bread, fruta, and desserts…all Spanish-inspired! I had the coconut cake and a sinful chocolate truffle cake and was very pleased. To top off the whole experience, the band Element entertained us with some excellent jazz and soft R&B.

Who would have ever thought you could experience Spain in Lubbock, Texas? Try something new and different; you will not regret your decision!

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