Freddy’s vs. Steak ‘n Shake

Battle of the Steakburgers

We did a little “research” at Freddy’s and Steak ‘n Shake. Why compare these two restaurants, which are both located along Milwaukee? Because they have similar menus. They both pride themselves on their steakburgers. Plus, both offer fries and shakes. People have been asking us which one is better. Here are our thoughts.


So… Freddy’s versus Steak ‘n Shake. Who gets your business?

We asked, you answered. Here are the results of those of you who gave us clear winners:
Facebook: Freddy’s- 11, Steak ‘n Shake- 6
Instagram: Freddy’s- 12, Steak ‘n Shake- 4
Twitter: Freddy’s- 2, Steak ‘n Shake- Steak ‘n Shake- 1


  1. Sonnie

    My family is Team Steak-N-Shake. Although we were seated MUCH MORE QUICKLY at Freddy’s, their prices were considerably higher for less quality. Freddy’s selection was very limited, once again, for the price they were charging, and the taste, for us, just didn’t compare to that of Steak-N-Shake. Best burger and chili dog in town, though, will remain CHILI DOG CAFE.

  2. Gabrielle Hebert

    I completely disagree. Steak n Shake is a million times better. Freddys was way over greasy with little to no flavor!

  3. Joan

    We did take out at Freddy’s… When I got home their little brown bag was completely saturated with grease. :(. No thank you!

  4. Tarrington

    Freddy’s blows Steak n Shake out of the water. Its not even close.

  5. Anonymous

    I like steak and shake

    Freddy’s is a complete copy of steak and shake . I didn’t like Freddy’s frozen custard, but I LOVE steak and shakes ice cream ! I would chose steak and shake .

  6. Steak and Shake

    I think Steak and Shake is way better than Freddy’s. I haven’t been to Freddy’s but the reviews from family and friends Freddy’s is terrible. So I’m staying with Steak and Shake.


  7. Kyle Henegar


    Freddys is the best. I don’t care who came first, or whatever. Freddys is the best. All of you bashing Freddys for “grease” and being “pricey”, I’ve eaten at both Freddys and Steak and Shake for a long time and I think that Freddy’s always gives us more fries, so don’t complain about the price, they give you more. Also, Steak and Shakes hotdogs are literally so greasy that when I take a bite my teeth are literally greasy, I can literally taste the grease. Don’t bash Freddys when you have no idea what you’re talking about. Thanks.

  8. Adam richard


    Honestly I personally believe in my opinion that Fred Freds was betta and steak and soda was not betta

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