LITL 5 Year Anniversary

Five Years in the Making

Original and independent since May 25, 2012. LITL is owned and operated by two women – one an original Lubbockite, the other a transplant. We take pride in the fact that the website, the photographs, the social media, and all of the work is all completed by us. Please keep in mind this is a hobby for us, as we both have other full-time jobs.

We are one of the only websites in Lubbock that has been consistent throughout the years with fresh content and a new perspective on the events, businesses and groups in our community.


The idea was dreamed up on a ladies night out at D’vine Wine (now J Roberts in Kingsgate). We came up with a basic concept to help answer the age-old question, “What is there to do in Lubbock?” It is funny to look back to see how simple our webpage was back then.

Our original plan was to share events and showcase our favorite places around town. We also began a weekly installment called The 289: Your Weekend in the Loop which featured that weekend’s top events around town. Two years later, we added something that changed everything…


The addition of the Coming Soon to Lubbock page on our website launched a new era of LITL. Our page views and popularity skyrocketed to astronomical heights. We are still founded on our original idea of showcasing events and businesses (national and local) around the LBK. Our Coming Soon page is the only updated (in real time) and accurate listing of new businesses opening in Lubbock.

This year will be our sixth annual Christmas Extravaganza, which includes Lubbock’s only Christmas light map, Christmas events, and great giveaways.


We want to shift our focus more toward activities (ie paddle boarding, dog friendly spots, etc) because we can only eat so much. We plan to keep on keepin’ on, always taking into consideration of our loyal followers’ wants and needs.

Behind the Scenes

In case you are curious about what it takes to run something like Lubbock in the Loop, here are a few items to consider: maintenance of a website, spam, server crashes, negative comments from your audience, national versus local businesses arguments, “What is taking In-N-Out so long to build?,” lack of communication from businesses, online reputation, social media algorithms, time, new ideas… the list could go on and on.

Whether you have been following us since the very beginning or you just heard about us last week, we want to say thank you for all of your feedback, kind words, and sharing your love for Lubbock.


  1. Jean

    Congratulations, Sarah! Y’all have evolved into an informative sight for Lubbockites, as well as, newcomers to our city!

  2. Julie Black

    I think y’all have done a wonderful job keeping Lubbockites informed about what is going on in town and what is coming to town. Thank you all for your hard work. I spread the word about your website all the time. Please keep up the great work.

  3. Thank you!

    You two ladies are awesome and the site is wonderful to have in Lubbock. Thank you!

  4. Teena Stuart

    I’m a recent transplant to Lubbock and I love receiving this. I appreciate all the hard work you ladies do.

    Since I am new to the area and west texas, I’d appreciate any ideas on what is happening at what time of the year.

  5. Joe

    You do a wonderful job. Keeps me aware of whats coming and what is under construction.
    Thank You for your great service. I check regularly

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