Farm to Fork Gastro Truck

In case you live under a rock, Farm to Fork Gastro Truck is the latest and greatest food truck in our area. What makes it different? They serve up quality, local ingredients with unique menu items. They post their menu and location for the upcoming day on Facebook, so be sure to follow them! (During the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market season, you can find them at 19th and Buddy Holly each Saturday morning with delicious brunch items.) We chatted with head chef Antonio Pina:

What’s your favorite dish to prepare?
I really don’t have one favorite dish, I actually like the creative part of preparing a dish. Going to a local market or store and just putting together fresh ingredients for a new dish.

Photo Credit: Farm to Fork Facebook page

What’s your favorite dish to eat?
Cioppino is one of my favorites dishes to eat. Love fresh seafood!!!!!

How do you decide on your menu?
We are Farm to Fork so we like to decide on our menu by asking our guests what they like and also introducing them to new dishes you can’t get in Lubbock. Bringing people together around a table and giving them fresh food made from scratch is our mission.

Do you have a favorite food truck (besides yours) in town?
I really like what Jarvis Reyes is doing with Rooster’s Downtown.

How do you know how much food to prepare for the day? How do you set your prices?
We normally plan for 100 people. And our price is 10 dollars for one of the three dishes we have for the day.

How do you decide which events to go to?
If we don’t have an event planned on that date, we try to make as many as possible.

Photo Credit: Farm to Fork Facebook page

What’s next for the food truck for the rest of the year? (Events you’re attending, menu changes, expansion, etc.)
We have an event on August 31st at Caprock Winery: Acoustic Music Night. Also, the Girl Scout Cookie event Desserts First at McPherson Winery on September 14th. Museum By Night at Texas Tech University Museum on September 21st.

Where do you get your ingredients from?
Pereira Dairy Farms, local food vendors and local markets.

It seems the food truck culture in Lubbock has been expanding and gaining attention of the City (ordinances, permits, etc) in the past couple of years. Do you think food trucks are a positive addition to our community? Do you think they contribute to the progress in Lubbock?
I say they do contribute to Lubbock. They are a positive addition to our city with the out of the norm food and cool vibes.


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