Double Shovel Christmas Tree Farm

What movies come to mind when you think of treading through the snow to pick out the perfect Christmas tree?

In Lubbock, you can get your trees (real/fake) almost anywhere this time of year. You take the pre-lit tree out of the box and turn it into a beautiful Christmas tree. Sure, this is the easy way to do it and plus you can keep reusing the tree, but you are missing out on the experience. When I think of picking out a Christmas tree, I think of Clark Griswold and his family. You get your family all bundled up and drive in the snow until you pull up to lines of Christmas trees. The family walks up and down the aisles arguing about what tree to get, but then the decision is finally made! You or the attendant cuts down the tree and loads it on top of the car. Once you get it into the house the fresh pine smell fills the house! Time to decorate and before you know it you have a freshly cut decorated tree. This is the experience that we miss out on.

So, you’ve thought about a real tree, a fake tree, or maybe you already have a tree, but I want to introduce you to Double Shovel Christmas Tree Farm in Post, Texas.  A Christmas tree farm in Texas?  Yes! See the pic below.

Double Shovel Christmas Tree Farm planted its first tree plus 549 more in March of 2009. During that first plant, the family dug every hole, yes 550 holes, with just two shovels (hence the name Double Shovel). Since March 2009, 2500 trees have been planted with a tractor and an auger. This will be the first year that the farm has been open to the public. If you want a real tree you can expect to find Afghan Pines and Fraser Firs all ranging from $30-$65. Double Shovel is a “Choose and Cut Farm” meaning you get to saw it down yourself or they will also help you. Already have a tree? They are also selling Fraser Fir wreaths ranging $14-$25. On Saturdays “Happy”, the Christmas Elf, will be there to visit with kids and pass out candy and coloring books.

Come out and support a local family and business while making wonderful memories with your family. The Webbs have been a military family for 25 years and have lived all over the world. Jan Webb says, “One of our very favorite Christmas traditions was going to a Christmas Tree Farm, to find our tree. There was much laughter and talking as we walked up and down the rows looking for the perfect tree. Sometimes it took a while to us to find the right one but the memories of that time spent together are priceless! We wanted to bring that experience to west Texas.”

Make sure to stop in and say “Hi!” on their Facebook page and go get your tree!


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  1. Alison Winton November 13, 2015 at 10:59 am

    How exciting! This article just launched me into the Christmas spirit! I’m planning to visit Double Tree soon!

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