The concept of this restaurant is unique in our area: unlimited tableside service of amazingly seasoned and slow-roasted meats. Aside from the concept, there is also something else unusual that you will find here: fantastic service. From the moment you sit down at the white tablecloth covered table, a friendly waiter will come right over to take your drink order and explain the dining process. You are then welcomed to the buffet where you will find delicious salads, fresh vegetables, exotic cheeses, and even casseroles.


When you sit back down at your table (they are even there to help you back in your chair!), someone is immediately at your table with delicious mini-cheese rolls. These little rolls are amazing. I think our table went through more baskets than we’d like to admit.

Now, for the best part of the meal… the meat! The guys who arrive at your table with a giant knife and a sword-like skewer of meat are called gauchos. These guys are running all around the restaurant. From lamb to pork to chicken to beef, there’s something for everyone to enjoy from 16 different cuts of meat. Our personal favorites included the sausage, top sirloin, and filet mignon. Don’t prefer lamb? No problem, just simply tell your gaucho “no, thank you” and pretty soon there will be another gaucho with a different type of meat.

Have dietary restrictions? Not a problem! The menu items that do contain gluten include: chicken legs, pork sausage, and tabbouleh (at salad bar). Simply let your server know your needs so the gaucho chefs can give you whatever you need. Special arrangements can be made with no hesitation!

As soon as you begin the meat portion of your experience, clear room in the middle of your table for the sides. Swiftly brought to you: garlic mashed potatoes, chimichurri sauce, hot salsa, and fried bananas. I thought the fried banana was a nice dessert to top off your meal, but I was told by a gaucho that it is actually recommended to eat in between different cuts of meats to cleanse your palette. How neat!

While this restaurant has an upscale feel to it, the dress we saw on a Sunday evening tended to favor jeans and tees. Reservations are not required, but they are offered and I would think encouraged on weekend nights. There is a room with one long table that is tucked away from the main dining area – perfect for a reception, birthday party, or business meeting. Aside from the main dining room, there is a nice bar with a TV and even a piano!


Let’s talk pricing. The one fixed price includes the salad bar and unlimited meats of your choosing. It is $38.50 per person at dinner and all day on the weekends. If that price makes you feel a little uneasy, just remember that going to any other steak house in Lubbock will run you $30 – $40 for a good cut of meat. At Churrasca, you get all different kinds of high quality meats! Well worth the price.

6013 82nd St.
(Between Frankford and Milwaukee on 82nd St.)


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