Chop Chop of Lubbock

Chop Chop is a delicious fast casual Japanese cuisine restaurant. Visit them on 7320 Milwaukee or 5707 4th Street. Below are some fast facts for you (brought to you in Q&A form) to make your Chop Chop experience super delicious!


I’m hungry.

Unlike some other quick Asian places, Chop Chop gives you simple, fresh options! For $8 ($6.50 for smaller portion), you can get your choice of chicken, fish, pork, or ham. For $8.50 ($7 for smaller portion), you can choose steak. For $9 ($7.50 for smaller portion), you can choose shrimp. Your selected meat sits atop Udon noodles, steamed rice or fried rice. You also get grilled veggies with your order. Feeling teriyaki instead? Same price, plus a grilled pineapple and Norlanders Original Teriyaki Sauce! Don’t forget their sauces to realy jazz up your meal. Your options: Orange Sriracha, Sweet Chili (our personal fave!), Sweet Ginger, Chile Garlic, and Orange Sauce.

I’m really hungry.

We usually are, too. If you like variety, check out the multiple meat options. Two meats are $9, three meats are $10. Appetizer options include wontons, egg rolls, spring rolls, and soup. Don’t forget dessert! Try their famous Cinnamon Chops.

I’m hungry, but I am trying to watch my figure.

Good for you! Getting summer ready. Check out the lighter portions of the meats above, or opt for a spring mix salad instead. Served with mandarin oranges, mushrooms, chow mein noodles, and your choice of meat.


How do I order?

Instead of waiting to be seated and having a server, you just walk up to the front counter and order. Fill up your soda (or tea) and head to your table. A friendly staff member will bring your meal to you fast, fresh and hot!

My babysitter cancelled and I’ve gotta take the kids on what was supposed to be date night! What’s to eat for them?

For $5, get the Kid’s Chop… steak or chicken on steamed or fried rice or Udon noodles with a small drink. Heads up – kids eat free on Thursdays!

What are their hours?

Monday – Saturday | 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday | Closed

I love Chop Chop but I also love being in my pajamas by 5:30 p.m. Can they deliver?

Absolutely! To place your order, call (806) 701-5400 or place your order online.

My office is having a noon business meeting tomorrow and I’m in charge of ordering lunch… I want to impress my boss with some delicious food!

Great, Chop Chop offers catering services. Just give them a call to order and set everything up. There are different price points per person, and every order comes with plates, plasticware, condiments and sauces included. Knowing your co-workers (and boss) will enjoy their lunch, you’ll get that job promotion in a jiffy!


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  1. J. Green April 9, 2015 at 2:38 am

    We went on a bad day — a really bad day I guess.
    Won’t be going back.. Chop Chop

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