Capital Pizza

Capital Pizza is located in the Tech Terrace town square (2705 26th street). If you walk into the building at the left door you will see more of a lounge type area with tall tables and a great bar area. At the right door is more of a restaurant feel with tables and TVs. There were vintage pictures of Texas Tech memorabilia, iconic symbols of Texas, license plates, beer taps, and beer signs.


We checked Capital Pizza out on a nice Saturday afternoon after doing a little shopping. It was not too crowded at the time, but people started to fill in pretty quickly. We started with a cheesy bread appetizer that was more than enough for 5 people. The bread or crust they use is so good. There is a good dose of Parmesan cheese, seasoning, and olive oil that is sprinkled on the bread to give it a great taste. The menu is simple and easy. The large pizza was great for 3 adults and 2 kids. We got a half pepperoni/ half beef with homemade pizza sauce and Gorgonzola cheese…it was delicious (see picture below). So, what makes Capital Pizza so good and different from other places? Well, the pizza is slow cooked so that the crust is crispy and the middle is soft. You can get it by the slice and they have a to-go menu for your convenience. Also, if you are not really a pizza fan they do have salads and sandwiches. I have also been told they have gluten-free options!


So, feeling like going out with friends or your significant other? The lounge is the place to be. They have a full bar with over 60 bottles of beer available. There are also TVs all throughout the lounge and restaurant so you don’t miss your favorite sporting event. I cannot wait to go back for another pizza. It is gourmet pizza in the fun neighborhood of Tech Terrace. You can shop in the area, walk, and then come for a great lunch or dinner.

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