For all of you who are serious about camping, fishing, hunting or doing any other outdoors sport… this is the place for you. You may have even purchased something from Cabela’s catalog before– after all, the company started by doing business solely on catalog sales.


The 42,000 sq ft Lubbock store is the fifth Texas location of Cabela’s, and it is officially called Cabela’s Outpost. This simply means that the market audience is 250,000 population so don’t worry… you still have all the bells and whistles of a regular Cabela’s: Footwear, Clothing, Camo Clothing, Camping, Fishing, Outdoor Cooking, Archery, Hunting, Firearms. There’s even an indoor archery range so you can practice your shot. You’ll see all the popular brands like North Face and Under Armor, but you’ll also see some pretty high tech gear from the Cabela’s brand itself. If the particular item you’re looking for isn’t available, just go to a kiosk within the store and order any product. It will be shipped to the store and you can pick it up.

With around 90 employees in all, you’ll be sure to find whatever you’re looking for from a friendly face. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable in each of his/her departments, and they can’t wait to talk with you about the newest bugproof, waterproof, sunscreen-built-in shirts or teach you how to filter dirty water into drinking water. 


3030 W Loop 289


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