BrunchinLubbock: Stonegate

Brunch at Stonegate

Our BrunchinLubbock series continues, brought to you by our contributing writer, Taylor.
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Brunch with Me: Brunch at Stonegate

This weekend I decided to try Brunch at Stonegate, and I’ll have to say it was a great choice. My group was greeted almost immediately and shown to our table. We ordered drinks and chips and salsa to start with. For drinks, we had the Bogey Bellini, Basil Birdie, Honeysuckle Lemonade, and Eagle Margarita. The first three drinks listed were very light and refreshing, the Eagle Margarita was a little on the heavier side as it does have jalapenos in it, but it was delicious. I would recommend pairing it with a lighter meal, like blueberry sliders and a side of fruit.

The chips and salsa were spectacular! I could not get over the chips… they are made at the restaurant, so crispy and seasoned perfectly. The salsa was not too spicy but not too mild. I would come back here just to get more chips and salsa!! I am obsessed.

For the main courses, we will start with the blueberry muffin sliders. These are listed as an appetizer but they were perfect for me with a side of eggs. These are probably my new addiction, it is all of my favorite things combined into one: ham and cheese inside a blueberry muffin. It was amazing! I am so incredibly picky about my eggs and all too often I am let down. I always order fried eggs over medium, but usually wind up with either over hard or over easy. Stonegate raised the bar super high with their eggs, they were cooked perfectly!

The donut French toast was served with blackened pear, basil, honey, and goat cheese with a side of maple syrup. It looked and tasted incredible. The goat cheese helped to balance out the sweetness of the meal and made for the perfect brunch option. Lastly, we tried the very popular sunrise rellenos. This smelled, looked, and tasted incredible. It is everything breakfast should be, from the perfectly cooked poblano pepper to the beautiful sunny side up egg on top. Everything about this meal was perfection.

All in all this was a wonderful brunch experience and I cannot wait to go back soon for more!

brunch at stonegate
Saturday & SUNDAY | 9 A.M. – 2 P.M.
11010 Indiana Avenue

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