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Blue Oasis 

Blue Oasis
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5217 82nd St, Suite 106

Going to be a hot one! Lubbock has been growing like crazy and Blue Oasis is another great place to add to the list. They just opened this past weekend and are ready to serve you homemade Italian Ice and Ice Cream. I had the pleasure of visiting on Sunday. I was surprised at how big the space was. Usually, you walk into a place like Baskin Robbins and it the size of some walk-in closets. Blue Oasis is very spacious with tables, couches, love seats, and even a couple of TVs. It is really a great hang out spot and can accommodate large groups. This place is unique because of what they offer, but also how you order: 1. Grab a marker 2. Pick your flavors (3 or 5) 3. Write those flavors on the cup (in whatever order you prefer) 4. Bring it to the Ice Creamistas (Barista-Creamista, you get the gist). You pay $3 for 3 scoops and $5 for 5 scoops. They also have fountain soft drinks!

Blue Oasis will be the kind of place that people of all kinds go to relax and to enjoy an Italian ice in the process.

Good luck on deciding on the flavors. You have MANY to choose from (coconut crème, cotton candy, espresso, s’mores, cherry, nutty fudge, apple pie, red velvet w/ cream cheese, cake batter, and a lot more). Luckily, I was able to try a few before making my final decision.  I went with the vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, and cookies n’ cream. It tasted as good as it sounds. Here is a little extra information from the owner:


“Blue Oasis will be a frozen dessert eatery featuring both Italian ice and ice cream. Italian ice is new to Lubbock and so deserves a little bit of an explanation. Italian ice, also known as water ice, is a sweetened frozen dessert made with fruit or other flavoring concentrates. Italian ice is not shaved ice, but rather is made by the same process by which ice cream is made. Both ice cream and Italian ice are made by freezing the ingredients while mixing them.”







Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Make sure to grab a frequent visitor card. Buy 10 get one free!

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