Bingo Express

Type: Affordable weeknight fun
Price: $5 for a standard 9-square card; reasonably priced concessions
Vibe: Buzzing excitement
Quick Tip: While bingo halls are typically associated with smoke, smoke and more smoke, Bingo Express offers a non-smoking room too!!

Okay, so you might be thinking… “Who the heck has played bingo since elementary school days?” or “My grandma plays bingo at the senior citizen center, it’s such an old person game.” Well friends, think again. Going over to the bingo hall makes for a fun and affordable evening for people of all ages!

The coolest places to play bingo in town are the three Bingo Express locations. They are all grouped together (within walking distance) at the north Loop and Clovis Highway. To get the playing times of each location, check out their website. While the main room is smoky, there is a non-smoking room – complete with its own separate concessions – so everyone can have an enjoyable time!

Go up to the counter, tell the nice folks if you want to play on a computer or paper card, pay, and off you go to find a seat! The evening weekday sessions are pretty full, so make sure to get there early if you are bringing in a large group. To me, it isn’t about winning the cash prizes (I have yet to do so… I’ve been so close!). It’s about getting out of the house on a weeknight and having a couple hours of fun with friends.

You will find people using computers because of their convenience and the ability to play more cards at one time. I like to play bingo the old-fashioned way… using bingo daubers on the card. Check out the cute bingo bag specially made by one of our friends! B-I-N-G-O!


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  1. John March 2, 2016 at 2:20 pm


    This should be called Mexican bingo.the people that work there are very rude its just a bad experience every time iv been there and I believe the computer picks low numbers not in the programs I’m still checking on that my guess is its rigged

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