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Barque, formerly Calligraphy Etc., is located at 4505 98th Street, right off of Quaker. The store was renamed due to a misconception about what the store offered. The new name, Barque, comes from a few different origins. 1) Tree bark because they specialize in custom invitations, announcements, stationery, thank you cards, etc. 2) A dog-friendly section was added, hence bark! 3) There is a cooking section with French designer cookware, thus “que.” Kandice, the owner of Barque, has three passions: paper, pets, and cooking! She visits markets in Dallas, Atlanta, and New York to bring Lubbockites the newest and most unique products.

If you have not been to the shop yet, you are in for a nice surprise. There are so many great products, including Rewined candles, pillows with the state of Texas on them, Poo-Pourri (everyone needs this), Jon Hart bags (don’t forget to add a monogram!), jewelry, colorful scarves, kids’ puzzles and books, fashion kits, kitchen accessories, Le Creuset cookware, cookbooks, Corkcicles, home décor, and so much more.

If you are looking to customize cards, invitations, graduation announcements, thank you notes, wedding invitations there are endless possibilities. Barque has a large collection of templates that you can choose from. From there you can pick the font, color, size, and pretty much whatever else you want it. Planning a trip down the aisle? Barque has the largest selection of unique wedding invitations in town. We saw binders upon binders of options. It can be a hard choice and Barque helps relieve some of that stress.

There is something for everyone. One area includes dog novelties such as bright collars, greeting cards, dog beds, and dog treats shaped as human food (who wants a slice of pupperoni pizza?). The bright red wall right when you walk in is full of funny and snarky greeting cards. Our favorite said “There is nobody else I’d rather lie in bed with and look at my phone next to”! This card sold out for Valentine’s Day. Also, take your snarkiness to your cocktail napkins for great conversation starters at parties.

Men! Two things. Need a gift for the love of your life? This is the place to visit. Want something for yourself or a buddy? Check out the men’s section. Indulge in a shave kit from Dirty Deeds Soaps or a rifle case. Barque also carries White Wing man bags.

Next time you are looking for a quick gift or custom paper products make sure that you stop by Barque. You will find wonderful customer service and tons of really neat items. Keep up to date on new products by following their Instagram.


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  1. Elaine July 14, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    Great article with lovely photos – makes me want yo go to Barque right now!

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