Avoiding Gluten? You can still eat out in Lubbock!

For today’s post we are excited to welcome our guest contributor, Linn, who has some great restaurant suggestions for those looking for gluten free options.

Have you ever been in line to order a meal and end up behind that person who wants to know every ingredient in their food? Try to be patient; that person may have Celiacs disease. That means no wheat or gluten. Just about everything seems to have one or the other.

One of my favorite Celiac friendly finds is Jason’s Deli. Gluten free (GF) bread is not generally tasty, so I rarely eat sandwiches. Not a problem at this deli! I’ve tried at least 8 types of sandwiches; they’ve been yummy and no reaction!  McAllister’s is working on a gluten free menu, but at this time no sandwiches or soups are GF.

Olive Garden is a good choice if you want salad, and chicken or beef. The GF pasta is not very palatable, but the sauce is delicious. Still craving Italian? Try Carino’s. No pasta choices, but the Chicken Marsala is amazing.

A great steak meal is available at The Outback.

Pizza is available in town as well.  West Crust pizza has a varied menu as well as the opportunity to “design” your own pizza.  Since each pie is made fresh, expect a bit of a wait; but it is well worth the time.

Having an urge for oriental food?  Don’t despair!  That is available, too.  Pei Wei has two choices of appetizers and several entrees that are all GF.  This is a busy place at regular meal times.  Since it takes a bit longer to prepare the GF food, plan to go at off peak times or be ready to wait. Craving French fries?  The safest choice is Chick Fil A.  They make their own fries and have a dedicated fryer, and who can resist waffle fries?

Rockfish is an excellent place to eat as well.  Their GF menu provides a wide variety of seafood and salads from which to choose. It has a fun and lively atmosphere.

Stop cooking or defrosting every meal, get out there and enjoy some great Lubbock restaurants!


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  1. Melanee August 24, 2012 at 11:50 am

    My daughter is gluten intolerant. Chick fil A is one of our favorites. 82nd Street location insisted they did not have a dedicated fryer though. So we always go to the Slide location. Just a heads up. This happened right after they opened so hopefully that issue is resolved now. Great info…we will have to try out Jason’s Deli!

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