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Avoiding Gluten? You can still have dessert in Lubbock! 

In her third installment in the gluten free series, today Linn talks about gluten free dessert options in Lubbock. For Part 1, see here. For Part 2, see here.

Yes!  I was really surprised how many locations have gluten free dessert options.  Always remember that cross contamination is possible.

The ice cream at Dairy Queen and Sonic is gluten free.  Sundaes are available as well as banana splits. I do not order blended ice cream items because I am unsure what was made on the machine prior to my order.  Depending on your level of sensitivity, this may not be a problem for you.

Red Lobster has a tasty cheesecake available with or without strawberry topping.  Chocolate Thunder from Down Under at the Outback is chocolaty goodness.  They also offer a Sydney ‘s Sinful Sundae.

There are many places in town that have frozen ice cream and yogurt.  My advice is to check these options online before going to a location.  Red Mango is the only store that knew that they had gluten free frozen yogurt.  The flavors vary and may be combined. Toppings are also available.

The Choc’late Mousse: Pie Bar is a fun and tasty place to check out.   They have many delicious flavors of mousse to tempt you.  I tried two different flavors and both were very good.  As always, let them know that you have a gluten intolerance. No matter how yummy they look, avoid the graham crackers and the Oreo mousse!

There are some bakeries in town that have gluten free cupcakes! Peace O’ Cake has various flavored cupcakes, like red velvet and wedding cake, with cream cheese frosting on Fridays.  Call before you go; the cupcakes disappear quickly. The Cakery has yellow, chocolate, and snicker doodle flavors that must be ordered in advance.  They will make cakes, too.  Sweet Cheeks also requires preordering.  They have more flavor options and are creative cake bakers.

Take some time, do a bit of research, and go out and find something sweet to eat!

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