Avoiding Gluten? You can still grocery shop in Lubbock!

In her second installment in the gluten free series, today Linn talks about grocery shopping in Lubbock for gluten free food.

Shopping for gluten free food in Lubbock has become much easier in the last couple of years, but can still be a challenge.   Reading labels is often still a must; however, many stores contain gluten free sections.

The Market Street United Stores are usually my go to locations.  They have a wide variety of choices from crackers to desserts.   Gluten free casserole mixes are available, as well as cookie and cake mixes, boxed cookies, cereals, and yogurt.

I have found gluten free food choices in several unsuspected spots.  When my doctor wanted me to start taking multivitamins, I had to search out a gluten free source.  I tried several of the drug store chains in town to no avail.  (If the ingredients include starch, it should be considered from a wheat source.)  My niece told me to try Drug Emporium.  I walked in and was amazed!  The front of the store has freezers containing gluten free doughnuts, frozen meals, bread, muffins, etc.  Then comes an entire aisle (both sides!) of gluten free sauces, soups, pasta, cookies, mixes for a plethora of items, and more!

Another spot, in which I surprisingly encounter gluten free food, is Big Lots.  Since the store does not always carry the same items, it is a bit more hit and miss as to the treasures you might find.  I have found pasta, cereal, soup, corned beef hash, and cereal bars.  The prices are generally lower, and I enjoy the hunt.

Don’t hesitate to look for gluten free options at any spot in which you purchase food.  Target, World Market, and CVS are also other unexpected spots I have located gluten free choices.


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  1. Trudy January 4, 2014 at 8:38 pm

    Sprouts has probably the best selection of any store in Lubbock, and the prices are usually cheaper than Market Street.

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