Albarran’s Mexican Bar & Grill

Best Salsa and Margaritas in Town?

We had the honor of attending the Albarran’s preview night and wanted to share our experience with everyone! This is definitely our new favorite place in Lubbock.


The chips and salsa are delicious. You are presented with two different types of salsa- one that is quite spicy (green) and the other more tame (red). Both are very flavorful. The menu is robust, so check it out here for yourself. We can tell you that everything tasted very fresh. From the chicken to the avocados, our food was well crafted and the ingredients were extremely fresh. The sour cream chicken enchilada was the best I’ve ever had!



Many, many options to choose from. Beer, wine, cocktails, margaritas (including specialty), and more. We started out with a house margarita and the spicy watermelon jalapeno margarita. The flavor profile of the watermelon with the jalapeno was on point. One of the best margaritas I have had. Yes! There are happy hour specials.

Click here for margarita menu and here for cocktails.


You will not find anything else like this building in Lubbock. The restaurant is two stories with a large outdoor patio on the ground floor (yes, there’s a great spot for live music), a 2nd story smaller patio overlooking the downstairs one, and even balconies. The building is quite unique looking from the outside. There are TVs throughout both floors, but it does not feel like a sports bar. With tons of windows, it feels very open and bright. There is plenty of seating, but we can almost guarantee this place will be busy on a regular basis. And that is a good thing! There will be live music on the patio, but it is not so loud that you are shouting at each other. *There is an elevator for those who need it. Have a graduation party coming up or a casual business meeting? Book the party room!





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  1. Dora Davila

    Servicio y Comida FATAL

    Primeramente felicitarlo por su Gran Apertura y al mismo tiempo dar mis comentarios, que creo le sera de gran importancia para el mejor ambient de su restaurante.
    1) Servicio PESIMO
    2) Bebidas en especial Margaritas ERA PUERA AGUA CON DULCE
    3) Mesera trajo lo que ell queria, NO LO QUE SE LE ORDENO
    4) COMIDA PESIMA / arroz seco, carne cruda
    Perdimos casi tres horas en su Restaurante y decidimos hablar con una Chica de blusa verde, que dijo ser la supervisora. Le comentamos, lo ya dicho y ofrecimos pagar… A lo que Ella Se nego.
    Realmente Yo tenia muchas ganas de comer algo nuestro MEXICANO y me lleve una super gran desepcion.
    YO soy Mexicana a mucho ORGULLO y cocino mejor YO

    Recuerde que mis comentarios son para que el servicio mejore y continue su exito y NO esten dando a todos descuentos por el Mal servicio y comida.

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