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Ah, the age old question… what is there to do in Lubbock?

Founded in 2012, we are the only original and independent resource in our community. We have been keeping you in the loop by spotlighting local businesses, groups, and events. We are looking for things on the beaten path that maybe we had all heard about and had (or hadn’t yet) tried and more importantly those things off the beaten path that once you do you can’t believe have been such a hidden treasure for so long.

Our audience, LITLites, also want to know about upcoming businesses (restaurants, retail, hotels, family friendly activities, etc) so we have our Coming Soon to Lubbock page to give you all the details on that. It has turned into our most popular page so be sure to check it out!

A little bit about our history… our co-founder, Katie, moved back to Lubbock in 2011 after having lived in the Metroplex for several years. Even our brethren in Texas wondered if we still rode horses, were amazed we had over 200,000 people, and questioned if we had a McDonald’s.

While she occasionally succumbed to the attitude that there was nothing to do in Lubbock, once she moved away she found herself vehemently pointing out the wonderful things in Lubbock, how it was such a great college town, and also a great place to raise a family. After a ton of brainstorming, we created Lubbock in the Loop. It evolves every day, so take a look around, visit us on social media, and let us know what you think!