The Miracle that is 34th Street Part I

Type: Shopping and dining
Price: Varied
Vibe: A fun Saturday.
Quick Tip: Your best bet to visit is Saturday during the day when most all the shops and restaurants are open. Eat light meals at each stop so you can sample several places.

We’ve been hinting about wanting to explore 34th Street and we finally spent a full Saturday driving the length from Avenue Q to Slide Road. We were definitely not disappointed, and have so much material we’ll make this a two part series.

Disclaimer – there are so many places this is just a sample of what we saw. We’d love to hear your favorites, just leave us a comment. Also check out Shop 34th Street for more information.

Caprock Cafe is probably one of the best places in Lubbock to have a burger and a beer. We opted for Tom and Bingo’s though and had an excellent chopped beef sandwich. Did you know Tom and Bingo’s has been named by Texas Monthly as one of the best places in the state for barbecue? And it’s right on 34th Street.

Just sampling the sandwich we were still a little hungry still, so we went right across the street to Burrito Tower. Awesome burritos! We drove thru and enjoyed our burritos just a little off 34th Street at Wagner Park, on the south side of Tech Terrace.An excellent start to our day on 34th Street, and we haven’t even hit up all the antique stores yet…stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.


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